He named it Antigua after the saint Santa Maria de la Antigua. While she indeed acknowledges the justifications of oppression based on race in England’s colonization of Antigua, she also attempts to transcend the notions of an inescapable racialized past. It’s hard to tell, and therein lies the interesting tension in this book, which she sums up wit This rageful and funny indictment of tourism in formerly colonized countries is not as predictable as it seems at first. Angst and rage are easier to tap, at least for me. As someone who recently traveled to the Caribbean though not to Antigua and observed the attitudes American tourists often display towards the native people of these islands, it was interesting to read the other side of the story.

Many embrace the white culture they rely on, even though they will never have full access to it or be viewed as equals by the conquering race. Maybe that will rebuild your precious library? Kincaid remembers Antigua as it was when she was a child, but I think it still today must be basically the way she remembered it in this book, if even more so. Kincaid also spends a lot of time in her book talking about what has happened in her post-colonial world. Dec 26, Ryan Jay rated it it was amazing. However after doing more research on her it’s thrown me off. Views Read Edit View history.

But some natives—most natives in the world—cannot go anywhere. Feb 04, Ellen rated it it was amazing.

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Every native everywhere lives a life of overwhelming and crushing banality and boredom and desperation and depression, and every deed, good and bad, is an attempt to forget this.


I suppose writing an angry, bile-filled rant will solve the problem? Antigua was not able to fully recover after the hurricanes.

jamaica kincaids essay a small place

It may seem a bit mean, but I thought of it as an enlightening opportunity. Kincaid remembers Antigua as it was when she was a child, but I think it still today must be basically the way she remembered it in this book, if even more so. You can get this essay on your email Topic: Maybe that will rebuild placd precious library? Culture, Political, And History: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Antigua was never able to recover to become what it used to be under the British government. The unjust racism; 2. May 02, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: Who does Jamaica Kincaid disdain more thoroughly, the British who colonized Antigua, the corrupt elite who now rule, her fellow Antiguans who attend the Hotel Training School to learn “how to be a good nobody”, or the hapless tourists who fly into this mess looking for a nice beach?

jamaica kincaids essay a small place

We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. She gives many unconscious examples throughout her book that show us how she has had her life impacted. This small nation has not been free from British rule for all that long, and its self-governance did not bring a better life for the average Antiguan.

I read her rant about the awful, terrible people who jamacia her country under complete control. She criticizes Antigua’s dependence on tourism for its economy. Kincaid goes against the majority and the behavior that is expected of her, a common pattern, which she also demonstrates within her family: The new criticism lens focuses on the jamaaica itself and not the readers or writers response.


A Small Place is a powerful indictment of Empire and would be useful reading for kincads Brexiteers who seem to believe that Britain’s greedy, selfish past is an era to which we should return. Reading both of these books one after the other–they’re a strange pair.

The book, written in four sections, “combines social and cultural critique with autobiography and a history of imperialism to offer a powerful portrait of post colonial Antigua. Her comprehension of the complex issues within each of these societies allows her to prove to her primarily white audien If anyone feels like reading the thesis of my term paper When I reached halfway through the book, I began to wonder if this book was banned at some point.

How well I grok this, gentle reader. View all 7 comments. My friends think I am excited over a home run or a to Confession time, gentle reader.

A Small Place

This book didn’t change smaol if anything it solidified some opinions i have about certain things. Book Review Search Article”. Where do I even begin with this one?

jamaica kincaids essay a small place

From day to day, you are a nice person. Within this tiny 81 page book, Kincaid explains the destruction and profiteering of her home, Antigua. Nov 04, Dee rated it it was amazing. View all 3 comments.