The prevention of malpractice when undertaking exams and assessments has long been a focus for the Joint Council for Qualifications JCQ. The person against whom the allegation has been made will be given the opportunity to make a statement to the Malpractice Committee in light of the material provided. Offences by staff members included breaching security, helping candidates, opening papers early without authorisation, allowing pupils to sit an exam at the wrong time or not invigilating properly. Any material or evidence not provided to the head of centre will not be provided to a Malpractice Committee and will not be considered when deciding whether an allegation of malpractice is proven or not. The candidate declined to make a statement.

The Report 14 8. The regulators and other awarding bodies will be informed of this action. The only exception to this is malpractice discovered in controlled assessments or coursework before the authentication forms have been signed by the candidate see section 4. However, when malpractice is judged to be the result of a serious management failure within a department or the whole centre, the awarding body may apply sanctions against the whole department or centre. The decision The Malpractice Committee 8. The table in Appendix 3 shows how the sanctions might be applied.

How to report malpractice if you’re not from an approved centre.

Exam Malpractice Guide

The centre investigated and reported that the website had been plagiarised, and the bibliography had not been included by the candidate, but had been added cohrsework the teacher, after the work had been submitted. Reflecting on the available information, the awarding body judged that the advice given to the candidates was specific in nature and would have assisted them. Sanctions and penalties for centre staff malpractice — individuals The investigation Investigations carried out by the head of centre cooursework.


Senior leaders must ensure that they are clear over what awarding bodies expect when dealing with such instances.

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Internal assessments and paper-based examined tests — malpractice ocr. The candidate was warned penalty 1.

Malpractice – OCR

The effect of this penalty is to prevent the candidate aggregating or requesting certification in that series, if the candidate has applied for it. Three of the four candidates continued to disrupt the examination despite being warned by an invigilator. The centre held no records of candidate contact details. Ignorance of malpeactice regulations will not, by itself, be considered a mitigating factor. Notice to Centres — release of general qualification results June examinations.

The development and oversight for all policies must lie with a member of the SLT.

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Compliance and Malpractice online course CCEA offer guidance and support in preventing malpractice in examinations and assessments. The candidates claimed that they took the incorrect book in, thinking that it was permitted.

Candidate A admitted that the work he handed in was not his. The candidate was disqualified from the whole qualification penalty 7.

jcq coursework malpractice

Candidate B lost all his marks for the component penalty 3 for assisting the copying. This applies to NVQs and similar types of qualifications only. Identify the role of heads of departments: Guidance regarding access arrangements when a candidate changes centre.

Candidate A admitted to turning round and looking at some of the answers on the script of candidate B. As a consequence of the significant faults found in the quality assurance of assessments in a number of qualifications, and the inability of the centre to provide sufficient candidate evidence, the awarding body decided to withdraw centre approval for all qualifications.

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Any material or evidence not provided to the head of centre will not be provided to a Malpractice Committee and will not be considered when deciding whether an allegation of malpractice is proven or not. The evidence clearly indicated that there was a case of maladministration on the part of the lead invigilator.


The number caught with a mobile phone dropped from last year to this year. Candidate malpractice If you discover any irregularity in the internally assessed components of examinations before a candidate has signed the declaration of authentication, you don’t need to report this to us. When interviewed, both candidates admitted working closely together but with no intention to cheat.

Information for candidates — non-examination assessments In certain circumstances it may be necessary for the head of centre to exercise discretion, in the light of all the circumstances of the case, as to the timing and the means by which an allegation of malpractice and the supporting evidence is presented to the individual s involved.

Individuals involved may be requested to provide a written statement.

Compliance and Malpractice online course

The JCQ Centre Inspection Service operates in relation to general qualifications and examined vocational qualifications. The candidate was disqualified from that subject penalty 7. Clear and uncontested — A member of the Compliance team will make the decision on the case.

Centres which have had centre recognition withdrawn should not assume that re-approval will be treated as a formality. This page provides malprractice approved centres with guidance on how to let us know about any suspicions or incidents of malpractice, in accordance with JCQ regulations.