The John Monash practice tests includes 3 complete exams. Children also get a strong foundation on Verbal and Numerical reasoning. Exam Format and Requirements It is important to know the exam format and requirements before an exam. The topic I chose was something to do with why it is harder for a reaction to occur with a noble gas. All components conform to the John Monash Science School exam format. Over time, students learn the strategies and thought processes required to complete the tasks within the allocated time. These Mock Examinations will cover all possible areas in which students may be tested in their real examination.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Rob, the mathematics and numerical reasoning are very similar they ARE the same company ; if you understand all your year 9 mathematics, you will be fine in it. These are generally easier to remember than ‘slabs of text’. Fully worked answers and explananations so you can learn from your mistakes. Request a call back.

Exam Preparation

Our students also undertake a lot of work in Reading Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning in order to improve their general English jmds. Tuition centre at Cranbourne West is mainly conducted by experts who are excellent in different subjects and thus can help students to get prepared for school entrance exams.

Sample Science Essay — See the elements come together ewsay the writing task guide to form a compelling science essay. Home Selective school preparation class at Cranbourne.

jmss science essay

There are two parts to managing exams and addressing the above common problems: Mock Examinations In addition to our regular coaching classes, we offer students an opportunity to sit for a series of Mock Examinations before they sit for the real examination.


The level of Mathematics and English we cover is more than adequate and relevant for this purpose while the coverage in Science will provide an additional dimension to students to respond to essay type questions and numerical reasoning questions. It is important to know the exam format and requirements before an exam.

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To further assist students with the preparation of the entrance exam, we have also included bonus materials listed above. This worked well for me. Written by experienced science teachers so you know you are getting quality practice exams. Students do regular written assignments and tests on science writing.

The John Monash Science School Practice Exams come with 3 complete tests and are available online for immediate access.

jmss science essay

If you have a question about the exam you can post it here. What to study for the John Monash Science School entrance exam?

Cover your original answer and answer the question again.

Prepare your materials such as pens, calculator etc. The Science program includes science related current issues, science dcience, science reasoning and school based science curriculum. Only change an answer if you are sure the original is incorrect. All exams have a reading time where you should read through the entire exam paper and plan your answers.

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Request a call back. Give yourself a mental break by studying different topics. How did you guys find the john monash monash entrance exam? For students who attend jjss regular classes, these mock exams are free of charge.

This seems to be consistent with the school’s aim of offering placement to those that will benefit most, that is those with proficiency in maths, have clear expression scienve be able to apply scientific reasoning to problems. For each question take your time, once you hear your exam instructor say that there is 5 minutes left, stop with the extensive analysis on each question, and just start mjss educated guesses on all your questions left.


Relax – avoid panicking. Look at past exam papers and practise answering them.

Year 10 Entry John Monash Science School Practice Exams – 3 Tests

Exam Format and Requirements It is important to know the exam format jmxs requirements before an exam. The John Monash practice tests includes 3 complete exams. Focus is both on the content and expression. Do the sscience you know first then come back to the other questions.

The three tests included mathematics, numerical reasoning and science reasoning. This allows you to exchange, clarify and expand your understanding of the subject through collaborating with others. If you show your passion in science through your writing, even though it may be cliche, you will be fine!

Since opening inthe John Monash Science School has scoence extremely popular with students who have a keen interest in the sciences. Our program helps students to develop the skills to reason out and derive the best answers to questions using the information and experimental results provided.

jmss science essay