Of these, million men and nearly million women were obese [ 1 ]. A systematic review and meta-analysis. However, no methodological reason was identified for the relatively high effect size in this particular study. Moore CE; Deighton K Recovery intensity prescribed using the lactate threshold during high intensity interval exercise Bangor British Journal of Nutrition https:

Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism https: Heterogeneity was explored using a -test, -square statistic, and the tau-squared statistic. All Subjects Right Arrow. His publication record includes a focus on the influence of exercise and diet on appetite regulation, gastrointestinal hormone release and cardiovascular disease risk factors. Outside of academia, Kevin has won national athletics titles and represented Great Britain at the European Cross Country Championships. European Journal of Sport Science , vol. Standardised mean differences SMDs and standard errors were extracted for AG and total PYY and GLP-1 concentrations in control and exercise trials and synthesised using a random effects meta-analysis model.

Studies were included if they were published in peer-reviewed journals or were available in conference proceedings, theses, or dissertations. European Journal of Sport Sciencevol. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercisevol. A large and statistically significant Egger statistic indicates the presence of a small study effect.

Hormone area-under-the-curve AUC data fhesis the six studies included in the meta-analysis. The included studies are summarised in Table 1. Kevin has also developed an interest in extreme environments, as demonstrated by his role as a research lead for the Dhaulagiri Medical Research Expedition in Blood samples were collected at regular intervals throughout thesiw trials.

kevin deighton thesis

Of these, million men and nearly million women were obese [ 1 ]. This finding differed from that of Schubert et al. We acknowledge that our estimates of variance may have been affected by this issue.


Kevin Deighton – Leeds Beckett University

This analysis was only performed for acylated ghrelin as there were not enough studies reporting data for total PYY or total GLP-1 to obtain sufficiently precise and meaningful estimations of metaregression slope. Nevertheless, it was extremely difficult to eradicate this problem because all studies were crossover in design rather than separate study arms and we already had to impute a within-subjects correlation for the meta-analysis because study authors tend not to report directly the standard deviation of the mean change.

BMI values of the 73 participants ranged from Inclusion Criteria For inclusion, studies were required to meet the following criteria: A systematic review of peer-reviewed studies was undertaken comparing concentrations of appetite regulatory hormones, quantified as an area under the curve AUC.

A systematic review and meta-analysis.

kevin deighton thesis

Two update searches, conducted in June and Octoberidentified one further study. Understanding the responses of appetite regulatory hormones to exercise and consequently the effect they may have on energy intake and appetite could enhance the understanding of the role of exercise in weight control. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Dr Kevin Deighton

For inclusion, studies were required to meet the following criteria: Therefore, these individuals are in an energy deficit, and if maintained over time this could result in weight loss.

The inclusion of rest periods prior to exercise into AUC calculations could potentially underestimate the effect of thhesis on hormone responses.

The British Journal of Nutrition: Journal of the International Society of Kvein Nutritionvol. Further still, studies varied in meal provision standardised, ad libitum, or no meal after exercise. Outside of academia, Kevin has won national athletics titles and represented Great Britain at the European Cross Country Championships.


kevin deighton thesis

Studies were also excluded if they did not include a control trial. Large variations in fasting and postprandial ghrelin concentrations between individuals make thesie difficult to establish the clinical relevance that exercise has on this hormone.

We recognise that meta-analyses are not immune from statistical power-related issues and that the pooling of data from such a small number of studies may still provide relatively low statistical precision wide confidence interval for pooled effect.

We attempted to control for differences in baseline levels of acylated ghrelin between studies by accounting for fasting values observed in resting trials. These correlation delghton were estimated from prior reliability studies in our laboratory and were as follows: Sarah Chantler Influence of dietary intake on immune function and recovery ability in rugby players.

This is complemented by a strand of related research which aims to improve experimental methodologies and statistical interpretations within physiology and nutrition research.

Energy intake, expenditure and balance during a pre-season. British Journal of Sports Medicine deightoh Nessan Costello Evaluating the nutritional requirements of adolescent rugby league players.