But you need to make sure you have a clear and logical framework. Use short, sharp, polished sentences, rather than long cumbersome ones. However scary this may seem, characters can often be easier to cut out than whole words — try swapping adjectives for shorter descriptions, or taking them out altogether. Perhaps you had such a great vacation scheme experience that you now want to go the whole hog and follow a career as a solicitor. This can make you seem quite casual and set the wrong tone for your application. In more detail, you need to discuss why you have decided to become a solicitor instead of a barrister—and you definitely shouldn’t say it’s because pupillages are more competitive than training contracts. Why you are the best LPC candidate You’ve shown why you want to do the LPC at their institution, but now you need to show why they should want you.

Perhaps you had such a great vacation scheme experience that you now want to go the whole hog and follow a career as a solicitor. You could also mention which specific topics of study interest you the most – perhaps the role of shipping law in light of increased globalisation, for example. Use empowering and active language that demonstrates pro-activity — for example, turn difficult or negative situations and problems you have encountered into challenges that you rose to, explaining any positive outcomes. The box will allow up to 10, characters, including spaces. This actually equates to around words and there are a number of things you need to address.

Once registered, students will find that the LPC application form consists of 10 sections: Before we get into the kinds of things you could write in your statement, here is what you’ll need to remember. Although you have 10, characters, you don’t have to use them all. That doesn’t guidsnce you can only write about any legal work experience or your involvement with the law society at university, though you should definitely mention this at length. Applications for elective modules are made directly to the academic institution, as these can each be completed at different institutions.


Whatever your reason is, you need to communicate this clearly. Hear from lawyers, legal perslnal and key note speakers at our flagship conference. There are a variety of routes into law, and many prominent figures within the industry actually started off doing a different degree before converting after graduation.

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Personal Statement for Law – Writing Guide – The Lawyer Portal

All LPC applications are made online via www. Your personal statement should be written by you — admissions panels want to hear the voice of a young person, not their parents or a family friend. This is a lot more than you were allowed when you were applying for your undergraduate degree, but don’t think this makes it easier!

You have significantly more you’ll need to discuss, and you’ll need to avoid rambling off about something irrelevant. Your law personal statement needs to be written in a clear and precise way. Make sure everything you’re writing can be related to your future career as a lawyer.

lawcabs personal statement guidance

This must be done before making an application for the LPC, confirming that the student has completed the academic stage of training before taking this vocational stage. Which brings us to: Everyone applying for the LPC knows they want to be a lawyer, but by proving that you have a specific direction you’ll set yourself apart from candidates who are just happy to take any legal career path.

How to make your legal practice course (LPC) application

What do I need to say in my LPC personal statement? Well, you can really say what you want. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website.


Mentioning a specific aspect of law and explaining that you intend to go into this area in your career also shows your provider that you’re thinking seriously about your long-term plans for the future. Keep the language simple.

Your future GDL provider wants to make sure it’s getting the cream of the non-law crop, so you should sell yourself in the most articulate way possible. In brackets, we state the main function of each segment.

Law Personal Statement – The Lawyer Portal

Personal Statement for Law — Writing Guide. Take a look at our writing guide for advice on how to write a personal statement that stands out from the crowd! But you need to make sure you have a clear and logical framework. You can write up to 10, characters, which works out at about — words.

Law Personal Statement

Your career aims Solicitor? The GDL personal statement is a big part lawcaabs your application as a consequence you should put a lot of effort into it. It should go without saying that your grammar, spelling and punctuation need to be perfect, so get a friend or family member to proofread it. It is suggested that you include details on why you are applying for the course; what interests you about the course; what motivates you in a more general sense; your goals in terms of your future career; your skills and achievements; your hobbies; and further details about your work experience.

lawcabs personal statement guidance

If you were the president of Chess lawcbs, you can explain how this improved your leadership and team-management skills. You will need to add a transcript if you are qualifying from a law degree abroad or if your UK undergraduate degree was over four years ago.