The larvae showed intermediary stages between larvae-pupae, discolored and longer pupae, as well as incompletely developed adults. Antibacterial activity of some essential oils. J Pharm Pharmacol ; A Survey of Medicinal Plants in Shevaroy hills. Bull Med Ethnobot Res ; Reported the action of cromenes precocenes I and II , isolated from Ageratum plants, which accelerate larval metamorphosis, resulted in juvenile forms or weak and small adults.

Kerharo J and Adam JG: The chloroform fraction was then extracted with 2 ml of acetic acid. Nisar S, Husain SI. Ethnomedicinal plants of Jaunsar-Bawar hills, Utt ar Pradesh. In Brazilian folk medicine teas of A. Medicinal plants typically contain mixtures of different chemical compounds that may act individually, additively or in synergy to improve health. Royal Botanic Gardens;

Ageratum conyzoides L. (Asteraceae). – Abstract – Europe PMC

Ageratum conyzoides has agerratum bioactive activity that may have agricultural use, as shown by several research investigations in different countries. Medicinal Uses and Pharmacological Studies: Natural products chemistry and biological properties of the Ageratum plant. Biochemical Pharmacology 30; Promoting the reverse transformation from tumor cells into normal cells.

Ethnobotany of South Chotanagpur Bihar.

literature review on ageratum conyzoides

The attack is generally directed toward DNA or against metabolic sites essential to cell replication, for example, the availability of purines and pyrimidines that are the building blocks for DNA or RNA synthesis. Studies in vegetable oils pert-II: The leaves, when crushed in water, is given as an emetic and is also applied intravaginally for uterine troubles.


In recent years, a lot of effort has been applied to the synthesis of potential anticancer drugs. Extracts and metabolites from this plant have been found to possess pharmacological reeview insecticidal activities. Consequently cancer cells continue to divide even in situations conjzoides which normal cells will usually wait for a special chemical transduction signal.

J Ethnobiol Ethnomed ;3: Department of Botany, S. The whole plant yields volatile oil with a strong smell.

Th e weed has been known since ancient times for its curative properties and has been utilized for treatment of various ailments, such as burns and wounds, for antimicrobial properties, for many infectious conditions and bacterial infections, arthrosis, headaches and dyspnea, pneumonia, analgesic, anti-infl ammatory, antiasthmatic, antispasmodic and haemostatic eff ects, stomach ailments, gynaecological diseases, leprosy and other skin diseases.

Mycotoxic evaluation of some higher plants against ringworm causing fungi. Ageratum conyzoides has bioactive activity that literaturee have agricultural use, as shown by several research investigations in different countries. Ageratun activity of leaf extracts and essential oils of some medicinal plants against Didymella bryoniae. Plantas infestantes e nocivas.

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It is used as a prophylactic and as a cure for trachoma in cattle. M and Deshmukh V. Characteristics and modes of origin of weeds, Many of these plants contain bioactive components which have not been fully discovered and explored.


literature review on ageratum conyzoides

According to The British Medical Association, cancer is a group of diseases characterized by the abnormal and unrestrained growth of cells in body organs or tissues BMA Antigonadotropic Hormones from the Goatweed, Ageratum comyzoides. Insecticidal Z methylheptadecenoic acid from the essential oil of Ageratum conyzoides.

The oil content varies randomly from 0.

Treatment-induced neoplasms are especially a problem after therapy with alkylating agents. Fagoonee I, Umrit G. The whole plant is only used for medicinal purposes and has a long history in the folk medicine of different countries. Subsequently, 2 ml of absolute chloroform was added and shaken gently to extract the literaturee base. The toxicity benchmark for herbal drugs depend upon purity, herbs containing toxic substances, bioavailability, and reported adverse effects Ahmad et ageraatum, Evaluation of growth disrupting activity of Ageratum conyzoides crude extract on Culex quinquefasciatus.

Assessment of Phytotoxic action of Ageratum conyzoides L.

Aloe-emodin is a new type of anticancer agent with selective activity against neuro-ectodermal tumors.