Skip to main content. Its quality has been compromised by manufacturers mainly due to the quality and cost of materials used. Through this study, a data base on several strength and permeation properties has been developed which can assist engineers to estimate these properties. Five commercial sandcrete blocks were randomly and mineral industries. It is also recommended that IOT be used in the England. Over sandcrete blocks were moulded and tested.

The proportion of cement to aggregate depends on strength, impermeability and durability requirements. Also considering the three main forms of concrete blocks i. One of the author Samson R. The cement-sand and water mixture was then fed into the mould of the block, and raised to a height of 0. Help Center Find new research papers in:

Over sandcrete blocks were moulded and tested. At the age of 7 days, 3 blocks per each mix ratio from the brand of cement was carried to the material laboratory of the civil engineering department, Kaduna Polytechnic where compressive strength was determined.

literature review on sandcrete blocks

Similar work should be carried out with different sizes of fine aggregates. Effect of temperature on soil bricks, Amana Ocholi Eniayekan.


This could also be form of high-pressure steam curing other wise known as auto cleaving. This percentage will get after some House is the third need of human in the world. Skip to main content. One way of overcoming this problem is to compare sandcrete with some of its closest relatives such as concrete and mortar. To achieve Abdullahi investigated the strength characteristics of this objective, intensive efforts are being made in effective sandcrete blocks in Bosso and Shiroro areas in Minna, utilization of industrial by-products particularly from mining Nigeria.


They are easier to handle and reduce the dead weight of a structure. Also one of the benefit is that it need not required firewood for production of ISSB which will automatically saves the forests.

While field test carried on site according to this composition we considering about India the population is increasing day by will define that which type of soil is available.

literature review on sandcrete blocks

Akinola, oginni, felix 0. The 6 inches and 9 inches sandcrete hollow block produced was mm x mm x 15omm and mm xmm x mm in standard size which could be use for non- load bearing and load bearing walls.

IJEIT paper on assessment of quality of sandcrete blocks. The optimum moisture free from various organic matter etc. Project Material Report this? In the case of 9 inches block the compressive strength is 2. He studied the suitability and reliability of mining activities are going on, and has a total estimated Iron ore tailings in manufacture of Paving Blocks. Light weight blocks offer less sound insulation than dense blocks of equal thickness but are more absorbent to sound provided the surface is open textured and left unsealed e.

The strength of the block will contribute to the strength of the units used in a structure. Similar work should be carried out with different sizes of fine aggregates.


And both sizes of blocks have satisfied the minimum compressive strength of 1. Our country which is on developing stage the demand of 2. Fortune magazine, NIS This shows that there is a variation in compressive strength between the two blocks. The thickness of the blocks ranges from mm. The weights and crushing load of the total number of 30 blocks were determined for 7days, 14days, 21days, and 28 days respectively.

literature review on sandcrete blocks

Log In Sign Up. The range of strength for sandcrete blocks specified by N.

A machine mould method of manufacturing can be used to save time. They are easier to handle and reduce the dead weight of a structure.

In recent years however, reports from around the globe indicate that the premature deterioration of concrete and other cementitious materials is a major problem. Hamza, et rsview, Block should be left to mature for at least 28 days by curing them before they are laid, if enough strength is needed Hamza, Sandcrete blocks are usually moulded from constituents of sand, water and Portland cement in specified or prescribed mix ratio or proportion.