Using flaps makes it possible to fill in the excision zone and cover it with skin. Link to citation list in Scopus. A review of the literature was also undertaken. The patient had a longstanding history of right ear discharge and decreased hearing in the right ear with no tinnitus or vertigo. On x-ray, six patients presented signs of bone invasion with the appearance of evolving osteolysis at the fistula and skin lesions patients no. Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain showed enhanced collection in the subcutaneous tissue and auricular region posterior and anterosuperior to the EAC that extended to the mastoid cavity and the middle ear cleft. Marjolin’s ulcer complicating a pressure ulcer:

Figure 2 – Histological view of the high-grade pleomorphic sarcoma. AB – Fifteen years after spinal cord injury and 14 years after development of a sacral pressure ulcer in a paraplegic man, a squamous cell carcinoma was found on biopsy during surgical reconstruction of the pressure ulcer. Rev Chir Orthop, , 79, Early diagnosis is essential. The pathological examination found lymph node metastatic invasion with capsular rupture of two out of three lymph nodes and invasion of the stump by multiple secondary lesions. Treatment was completed by nine courses of chemotherapy cisplatin and 5FU , associated with external radiotherapy of the limb. The incidence of this transformation is very difficult to evaluate, and is estimated between 0.

Infection sur os continu.

In A, the injured area prior to treatment. Treatment of squamous cell carcinoma literqture interferon. Orthop Rev,20, These epitheliomas account for 0.


marjolins ulcers a case series and literature review

Clin Orthop, In five patients, a single biopsy sufficed to make the diagnosis and for one patient no. Natl Cancer Inst,84, The most common histological type of carcinoma found in Marjolin’s ulcers is squamous cell carcinoma, followed by basal cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma. Surgery, Plastic Surgery Division.

marjolins ulcers a case series and literature review

Int Orthop,25, J Bone Joint Surg Am, 72, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation67 11 Ann Oncol,3 suppl. S wanbeck G, H illstrom L: Two patients in our series suffered from verrucous squamous-cell carcinoma, still called cuniculatum carcinoma, which develops almost exclusively on the foot and has the misleading appearance of a wart [Soong and Hughes [ 19 S oong CV, H ughes D: Three patients had chronic bone infections subsequent to posttraumatic osteitis, two after hematogenous osteomyelitis, one after osteitis that developed on a zone of radiation-induced necrosis, and one after a deep burn was complicated by osteitis.

However, acute malignant transformations to SCC do occur [ 51019 ]. Archives of Physical Medicine and RehabilitationVol.

Case Reports in Otolaryngology

A review of the literature was also undertaken. A high index of suspicion should be considered in the presence of chronic ulcers persisting longer than 3 months; rolled or everted wound nad foul-smelling discharge; and an increase in pain, ulcer size, or bleeding [ 79182224 ].

Open bone graft techniques and wound closure by secondary intent should be abandoned in favor of therapeutic programs that immediately include skin covering. S oong CV, H ughes D: In acute ulcers, the malignant degeneration occurs within 12 months; in the more common chronic ulcers, the degeneration occurs after 12 months. The physiopathological mechanism of this transformation is unknown.


Verrucous carcinoma epithelioma cuniculatum: The patient had no medical illness marjokins was negative for human immunodeficiency virus. In five cases, a local posterior sural fasciocutaneous flap with a distal pedicle skin flap was used in only two cases and associated with other flaps in three cases and in one patient, a local soleus and medial gastrocnemius muscle flap.

Carcinoma squamo-cellulare di Marjolin – Wikipedia

Examination revealed a right mastoid swelling that was fluctuant, hyperemic, tender, and warm. Squamous cell carcinoma complicating tibial osteomyelitis treated with local wide excision and staged microvascular reconstruction. J Dermatol Surg Oncol,20, Click here to see the Library ] ].

marjolins ulcers a case series and literature review

Biopsies were taken from the jarjolins and centre of the lesion. Preventing Marjolin ulcers from developing in chronic osteitis requires proper care of bone infections. Cancer,52, Figure 3 – The patient’s back after treatment.