Einstein was happy to use differential geometry in general relativity ten years later. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This year, for a change, we have an article by Melanie Bayley, a DPhil student in Oxford writing a thesis on Victorian literature. Quaternion addition and multiplication incorporate all the basic operations with these objects. Wonderland solved,” by Melanie Bayley.

But my understanding is that the theory of determinants pre-dated that of matrices by a considerable time. Why not quaternions in special relativity? However, there are quaternionic formulations of Special Relativity. The Annotated Alice edited by Martin Gardner with long footnotes explaining the jokes and obscure references , and Aspects of Alice , edited by Robert Phillips a volume of critical essays discussing many different features of the books. He must have been a fascinating guy.

Rissertation superficiality is the character of a speech, in which any two points being taken, the speaker is found to lie wholly with regard to those two points. The Annotated Alice edited by Martin Gardner with long footnotes explaining the jokes and obscure referencesand Aspects of Aliceedited by Robert Phillips a volume of critical essays discussing many different features of the books.

Similarly, a quaternion field has both a scalar and a vector part just like the electromagnetic field ; its spatial derivative involves the gradient of the scalar part and the divergence and curl of the vector part.

melanie bayley dissertation

About Peter Cameron I count all the things that need to be counted. A determinant, as its name suggests, is a function which gives baykey information, for example, about whether a system of equations has a unique solution.

Every one of us human beings thinks about sex in many different ways. It seemed and still seems to me natural to connect this extra-spatial unit with the conception of time.


melanie bayley dissertation

So underneath the madness of the Wonderland tea party lies math — and some snark. Tetrahedra, unlike cubes, cannot fit together perfectly to fill 3-dimensional space; but there has been an ongoing competition to find the most efficient way of packing them. Without calculating engines, mathematicians are reluctant to solve systems of equations larger than about three, and for these it suffices to have a formula for the determinant, or a mnemonic for calculating it.

So time was inexplicably, inescapably bound up with these new numbers. Alice finds the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Dormouse at their tea party, but Devlin says Carroll deliberately left out one character. Tony Phillips Stony Brook University tony at math.

“Algebra in Wonderland” in Sunday’s New York Times – Lewis Carroll Society of North America

The Mad Hatter’s Secret Ingredient: Lewis Carroll wrote pure nonsense for children in many of his poems and stories.

Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. The newer version is almost twice as long as the original, which lacks some of the best-known episodes: Indeed, fifty years earlier, Hamilton had already had the idea of using the scalar part of quaternions to represent melamie.

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The Mad Hatter’s Secret Ingredient: Math

As for the vexed question of him having been a kiddie fiddler, in thought if not in deed, I read that a recent biographer had some grounds for claiming he befriended young girls solely as a pretext to become more intimate with their mothers! Alice In Wonderland’s Secret Ingredient: A weekly math column in The New York Times online January 31, was the first posting in what promises to be a weekly series of columns, focused on mathematics, in the bayle blog-site of the online New York Times.


But in the 19th century, people were developing all kinds of bizarre new algebras, where x times y was not equal to y times x. If they could only lose him, they could exist independently, as a complex number with two terms.

“Algebra in Wonderland” in Sunday’s New York Times

Carroll, whose real name was Charles Dodgson, was a very conservative, traditional mathematician, Devlin says, and he didn’t like the changes some were bringing to the discipline of mathematics.

Bayley spends some time on the subject of quaternions, perhaps the first non-commutative algebra to catch the attention of mathematicians. A quaternion has four coordinates, conveniently regarded as a scalar and a 3-dimensional vector. None of the above counts as history, of course; but it is fun to speculate, and the fun should not be left entirely to students of literature.

Alice In Wonderland’s Secret Ingredient: Math : NPR

All of these are defined as particular determinants. At a certain point he says.

melanie bayley dissertation

While growing up, C. Here part of the Archimedean tiling of the plane yellow dssertation been superimposed on the image of 2 slices of the packing. Because the new mathematics didn’t make sense to Carroll.