SERCA2a gene therapy improves cardiac function in animals and patients with heart failure and thus maybe a promising new therapeutic entry point for heart failure therapy. Thum is responsible for the finances of the whole network and coordinates the activities European partners. Kristina Sonnenschein, Dorothee Hartmann, Dr. Platelets play an important role in general hemostasis maintenance and pathophysiology of thrombosis. The mitochondrial lncRNA ucbqs.

Circulating miRNAs are remarkably stable in the blood. This success underlines the importance of her research focus regarding the investigation of inhibiting a pro-fibrotic miRNA as a new therapeutic strategy against chronic kidney disease. Ariana Foinquinos won the 2 nd prize in the Young Investigator Award session for her presentation on the Pharmacological microRNA modulation for the treatment of heart failure. The mitochondrial lncRNA ucbqs. This year an Excellent Paper was selected for the Cardiovascular Research Award EPCA with the idea to identify excellent work in the field of cardiovascular sciences and to promote young scientists. IMTTS researchers at

For all details of the program, see www. The intention is to develop drugs which target those RNA regulators in order to modulate the heart function.

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Cardior Pharmaceuticals is a privately held German biotech company pioneering the next generation of non-coding RNA based therapeutics in heart failure. The award was presented to Dr. The targeting of certain specific non-coding RNAs reverses maladaptive cardiac remodeling and restores normal cardiac function.

The miRsa, miRb and miR were strongly deregulated in urine of the patients with acute rejection. In cardiovascular disease the diagnostic utility of circulating lncRNAs has not been investigated so far. The researchers have published their findings in Nature Communications 25 September Epub ahead of print. The meeting was organized by Dr. Both achievements highlight the importance and relevance of their work in the wider scientific field.


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Impaired wound healing is a major cause of lower extremity amputations in diabetic subjects. For more information, please 2021 http: The paper has been published in Circulation Research and can be found here: Additionally, Cardior has access to a great variety of discovery programs of undisclosed targets of Prof. March IMTTS Researchers together with French colleagues identified a novel Biomarker of cardiac remodeling and for prediction of cardiovascular mortality in heart failure patients.

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Outstanding Achievement Award to Prof. His research focuses on the role of microRNAs in pharmacologically induced cardioprotective mechanisms.

myh The European researchers will firstly identify biomarker candidates in blood and study their predictive value for heart failure and common co-morbidities associated with ageing renal impairment, cognitive disorders….

Thus, miR could be of therapeutic interest to treat elderly individuals with myocardial infarction in near future. The overall aim is the development of an improved diagnostic and therapeutic treatment strategy for patients after MI. During autophagy, the cells break down and reuse components that are no longer needed. The 2 years program will include different modules aiming to understand the finding, development and application of drug candidates.


Previous studies, however, were based on low patient numbers and could not assess the relation of microRNAs to clinical characteristics and their potential prognostic value.

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Meox2-specific silencing mimicked the effects of this miRNA family on reprogramming. Thomas Thum entitled “Quaking inhibits Doxorubicin-mediated cardiotoxicity through regulation of cardiac circular RNA expression” published in Circulation Research was selected for the award. Insufficient myocardial capillary density after MI dissertztion been identified as a critical event in the remodelling process that can be targeted with novel therapeutic strategies.

mhh dissertation 2012

The title of the paper is: Dissertztion prevents heart failure in animal model. New miRNA-based therapeutic strategy of acute kidney injury developed.

Seema Dangwal now received a considerable grant to study the effects of diabetes on microRNA biogenesis and function in platelets. Angiotensin II-induced fibrosis is prominent in wild-type mice, whereas it only shows modest increases in OPN knockout mice subjected to Angiotensin II-infusion.

Thum is responsible for the finances of the whole network and coordinates the activities European partners. MicroRNAbased therapeutic treatment of myocardial infarction. Mechanistically, miR silenced phosphatase and tensin homolog PTEN in endothelial cells resulting in activation of the Akt-pathway. For more information, please visit www.