The unit examines the background to, and applications of, a range of clustering and classification techniques across biology. You can do this if you learn how to search efficiently. This would clearly have an effect on the time needed to mark the exams, which needs to be factored in. A seen examination is a time-constrained assessment task, presented to students at some time in advance of the assessment. Group work Not applicable Plagiarism Issues Plagiarism could be a problem as students with excellent recall may be able to use the words of others to answer questions; such cheating would be difficult and time-consuming to detect as papers are hand-written.

Numerical Ecology 2nd English Edition. In brief, you must fully acknowledge the sources for all of the material that you use. You must not engage in plagiarism! Using it belies its Unix heritage. As a general guideline material that comes from government and higher education sources will be more reliable but beware that you may be reading a piece of coursework submitted by a student. The usual rule of thumb for an exam question is that students should be able to sit and write the answer in half the time available for the question the other half of the time being for thinking and planning. Skip to main content.

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In addition to Mantel tests it also incorporates a range of Matrix methods and resampling techniques. Studying online Studying online is not the same as being in a classroom. If you do decide to use them could you please let me know. Or you may find that some students do things like include the assignment brief in the appendix — which instantly results in a large percentage match if there is more than one student does this. Note this is a completely different R statistics package to that distributed from Pierre Legendre’s site!


The peer review process means that the content has been assessed by independent reviewers for its accuracy and quality. Hopefully, it will also be a useful resource for other postgraduate, and final year undergraduate, students. Plagiarism could be a problem as students with excellent recall may be able to use the words of others to answer questions; such cheating would be difficult and time-consuming to detect as papers are hand-written.

Clustering methods Statistical classifiers Discriminant analysis, logistic regression and GAM Decision trees and random forests Other classifiers e.

mmu coursework similarity

Using a general concept to solve problems in a particular situation; using learned material in new and concrete situations. The ordination methods for ecologists siilarity site has links to many multivariate statistical techniques. A seen examination could be combined with an open-book examinationin which you allow students to bring in books or folders.

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Similagity Exam What is it? Although there are some similarities there are important differences in how you should approach your work. The timing of the release of the question s is important. Learning is much more than remembering. Using it belies its Unix heritage.

mmu coursework similarity

You could have a low similarity where a whole section had simply been cut and pasted without any citation, which would be plagiarism. If you discover another interesting site please let me know.

Judging the value of material or methods as they might be applied in a particular situation; judging with the use of definite criteria. The Internet Detective is a novel web resource that will help you to get the best out of your web searches. Using Information Having found some information, you may coursewprk to use it in one your reports or assessments. Shorter or longer times are likely to be less effective. Neural Networks, Genetic algorithms Measuring classification accuracy The following two documents provide a broad context for the unit.


Understanding something that has been communicated without necessarily relating aimilarity to anything else. However it would be polite if you acknowledged the original source and author. Clustering and Classification methods for Biologists Introduction and organisation.

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Do not make unsubstantiated claims or statements, provide evidence to support them or, if seeking clarification, ask specific questions. Studying As teachers we will have failed if all that you can do at the end of a unit is to remember a list of names, dates, definitions, etc.

You should be able to place pieces of information into context and recognise parallels and trends. Instead you should make use of similxrity of the available communication tools, such as discussion boards and email. This is fine as long as you follow certain rules about ownership. You are free to use these pages for educational purposes.

mmu coursework similarity

We recommend that you always set up the assignment in Moodle to exclude courdework and referencesbut if a student uses single rather than double quotes, for instance, this may not help. The most reliable sources are peer reviewed academic journals. You submit your data, it does the analyses and returns your results.