This is when you start to get involved with AF medicine. If you know you want to do this, accept immediately and get commissioned as soon as possible. It is offered through the Air Force, Army, and Navy. As for myself, I participated in the Introduction to Clinical Surgery program, which allowed me to interact with AF surgeons of various specialties, shadow them during clinic, and scrub-in during surgical procedures. As far as paying for medical school, they were willing to help me out and probably could have loaned me half of the cash; I would have swallowed the rest in loans. Everyone needs to be aware of the risk and weigh this against all the positive aspects of the scholarship and being affiliated with the US military. Everyone should also be aware of an often overlooked stipulation in the HPSP contract stating that extra years of active duty and reserve duty commitment may be incurred with extended AF residencies—this does not apply to civilian residencies.

Hpsp personal statement , review Rating: Previously, I stated on this website that the resesrve duty is served consecutively with medical school, but I stand corrected. In fact, some physicians do decide to continue on active duty until the reserve commitment is satisfied. This one is a statement draft I That is, officer’s active duty base pay versus the HPSP monthly stipend. The same variability can be seen among the civilian residency programs as well. During the Gulf War and the more recent war in Iraq some physicians have been called up, so it is definitely a point to keep in mind when signing the contract.

New York state has had this law in effect for years under the “Bell Commission”, but when I joined the Air Force, the military was one of the only other “institutions” that had a similar cap on hours. The military needs doctors, but there are a number of undeniable reasons doctors would rather work in a civilian capacity, including pay, risks associated with warfare, and lack of freedom associated with assignments to bases, etc.

I can tell you right now the AF is salivating thinking that you might go to a state funded school. Other examples mentioned were service record discrepancies left uncorrected for several years or no warfare designation when the opportunity existed to earn one.


I haven’t had to pinch every penny shatement the past few years. My name is Luke Ballard. Everything is covered by one organization: And if this is a great experience I will likely have the option of extending my contract with the AF, so it is win-win as far as I can tell. Not bad at all.

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If a particular specialty is not approved by the IFB the year you apply for residency, it means they do not need any new personnel in that specialty and it will be virtually impossible to train in that capacity. Now you have to wait. I have also learned that the military reserves the right to put all contracts on hold in times of crisis to prevent loss of personnel, as with the attacks of Pfrsonal That early letter took a lot of pressure off of the situation.

navy hpsp personal statement

It is about X more money. Full tuition and all personal fees such as textbooks, small equipment, supplies needed for classes, and a monthly statement allowance. So what it may come down to is necessity, because that’s the only scholarship you get, or personal preference based on family members, the experiences of people like me, or your gut feeling.

She stressed to all those interested that if they’re going to apply, then they simply need to put the hpsp and effort into it and make sure they comply with all requirements, from college level classes to Navy perwonal evaluations. This can be a great experience, but for those with family it may be particularly difficult, because they often do not get to come along so-called unaccompanied assignments. Also, be prepared to repeat information included in your application essay personal statement.

Science-related classes with labs are not hpp available on a ship or when deployed overseas. Sorry–I don’t have persinal list of disqualifying conditions. Again, the biggest thing is to be prepared to answer the questions. An individual with a three-year scholarship should be acutely aware of this stipulation, however, since a five year military residency such has sttatement will translate into an added year of active duty plus a year in the reserves after the active duty commitment is complete–a nice deal for the AF since they only pay for three years of medical school.

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Options for the first year include, but are not limited to the School of Aerospace Medicine SAM program, which is popular and has been described to nsvy as a continuation of COT with more exposure to AF medicine. This symposium was personal well taught with a lot of statement information shared. During medical school HPSP students are on reserve status, however, this doesn’t count toward fulfilling the reserve duty commitment.


The same variability can be seen among the civilian residency programs as well. Therefore, I will refrain from giving advice beyond pointing you in the direction of those more qualified to give it: I decided in my infinite wisdom that I could handle the worst-case scenario of ending up as a general medical officer GMO–this is what you can be right after your internship year of residency for four years if it came down to it, and then later follow-up with the residency I wanted to do.

These include Leadership Studies how nvay be an effective leader, manager, problem solver, etc.

This is especially important if you think you might be involved with a private practice where it would be difficult to leave statemsnt find appropriate coverage for your patients. Your recruiter will be in touch with you to get some last minute information and to keep you up-to-date. Active dtatement with the Air Force still looms in the future, but if it goes as well as everything has so far, then I will have nothing to complain about.

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I’ve also been informed that residents have been “pulled” to serve during the recent conflict in Iraq, but don’t have any numbers. Like it says at the top, this is all unofficial. Let’s hope the trend of good fortune continues.

So, if you want a civilian deferment for a residency that doesn’t even fill all the AF hospital spots, you’ll be denied the civilian deferment and forced to do a military residency.