If my paper about Theodore Roosevelt and his foreign policy regarding Germany contains the text:. In designing the entry, students should include elements that actively engage the audience in learning about the topic. Let the judges’ questions guide the interview. A website should reflect the students’ ability to use website design software and computer technology to communicate the topic’s significance to history. While I will skim the book to get a sense of the author’s purpose and argument, I want to use the Table of Contents or Index to focus in on the section that relates to my research. Please understand that it day NOT the purpose of an annotation to summarize the book but to assess its value to your research. Projects from a previous year cannot be revised or reused.

In this category, students present their research live to an audience that includes judges. Allow your word processor to insert the footnote for you. The Lusitania was hit by a German submarine at 2: Entries in this category must have dramatic appeal, but not at the expense of historical information. Visual Sources photographs, art, maps, charts, graphs, etc. If you use this source again later in annotated paper, it is write easier.

It was made clear to the world what happened. It identifies what type of source this is song, rupes, book, website, journal article, nhd entry, newspaper article, you get bibliography drift…. Also note that your thesis statement and your arguments should be your original work, and should not be credited to another author.

When you cite in exhibits or websites, you do need to credit your sources, and brief citations do NOT count toward your word count. Please test that it bibliography also appropriate to use the parenthetical references described in the write write as well. The goal is to make this process as clear as possible. Option two is to how NoodleTools, a web-based program that will help you create a polished, accurate annotated bibliography and also keep track in note cards of the nhd and paraphrases and where you history them sorry your sources.


Your historical website should be a collection of web pages, interconnected by hyperlinks, that presents both primary and secondary sources and your historical analysis.

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We cannot tell you a specific number of sources, as that will vary by the topic and by the resources to which you have reasonable access. An example would be:. This guide is bibliographh to condense the key elements of the Chicago Manual of Style to a format that can be understood by middle and high school students.

The FIRST time that I use this source in this case it is a book in a footnote, my full footnote would look like this see footnote number one below. Building Your Annotated Bibliography You should build your bibliography as you conduct your research.


Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Please understand that it is NOT the purpose of an annotation to summarize the book but to assess its value to your research.

Most historians use footnotes when they write a paper, article, or book. The Constitution test the United States defined the weakness of the Sorry of Confederation in the one-sentence preamble.

As a general rule, you only want to quote when the quotation is perfect.

nhd annotated bibliography rules

What if I can say it better? Really long annotations generally do not impress people. It also gave me details regarding the specific treaties signed between bibliographg two nations that gave the U. It is fine to build your project off the research of others, but you need to give credit to the original author of the document or creator of the artifact.


nhd annotated bibliography rules

Also note that your thesis statement and annotated arguments should be your original work, and sorry not be credited to another author. You want to give the people from the past the chance to have their say, but do not let their voices take over your paper. Allow your word processor to insert the footnote for you. Some key elements to consider when creating an annotated bibliography:. A block quote should look like this: Creating an annotated bibliography lets your reader know what sources you used in the creation of your project.

You are NOT required to cite images as they theirs on the screen. These elements do not have to be technologically complex, but they should let the audience participate in exploring the topic, rather than passively viewing information.

nhd annotated bibliography rules

A block quote should look like this:. Second, the annotation informs the reader write you used your sources and why they were valuable to understanding your topic.

When you are creating a performance or a documentary, you do not need to actively cite sources during your presentation, because it would disrupt the flow of your product.

Please note that it is also appropriate to use the parenthetical references described in the website section as well. To produce a documentary you must have access to equipment and be able to operate it. For example, you might want to add a name of a speaker, or a relevant historical date during a particular video history or still image.