By registering, you can access all our pdf content for free. Some tasty questions from a tough textbook exercise After a student completes a sheet they just move to the next — there are no duplicate questions. The beauty of mathematics lies in the connections we make, not the disparate skills. Seema Amin 10 January at Pupil 3 turns around their card — Red 7. In the following lesson my colleague, D, used this idea to develop the concept of Nth term with another class.

Thank you for creating a paper like this. We started with all the cards in the suit. Harry Anderson Why do you have to be a subscriber. I tend to steer away from the formula when teaching quadratics as I feel that finding the nth term in the linear sequence in the remainder is an extension of what they tend to know really well; also I feel it’s too much information for some higher students to absorb. I love the worksheets produced by danwalker on TES resources.

Basically a set of results are combined to make a numerical code. I’ve been busy getting my head around the additional sequences content in the new 9 – temr Maths GCSE and thought it would be helpful to share my findings. Camilla Clarkson Thank you for your comment. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Give each pupil a different.


Find the nth term formula – linear sequences

Example question For each of the sequences in question 1 find the value of term 10 and term This question was from Edexcel Higher Paper Pupils stand in number order. Patterns and sequences A4 one per page. Outcome I used this as a plenary for ntn term to term sequences lesson with a shared class. Time to tackle Nth term! I love the worksheets produced by danwalker on TES resources.

Mr Barton Maths

How do you turn the two times table into the sequence? Deduce expressions to calculate the nth term of quadratic sequences. As with any class mixed ability or not there were varying levels of progression in these lessons.

I’ve never seen it in an old gcse text book but it’s common place in all the new text books I’ve seen for even foundation. Also, do have a look at AQA’s resources for this topic – their recurrence relations activities are great. I’m surprised to hear that this formula is in GCSE textbooks – I didn’t know it was commonly used at this level. Patterns and sequences solutions docx. This is what he came up with: Keep me logged in.


nth term homework tes

I would add though a link to geometric sequence under tags. Newer Post Older Post Home. Pattern Spotting In a fairly simple sequence, students might be able to make comparisons to known sequences eg square numbers to derive the nth term. He wanted to make something for the pupils to homeaork in their book to remember this.

Thanks so much I have found a wealth of information regarding resources for the new gcse topics. This is a nice introduction to the topic – I have a worksheet on it here. Joanne Morgan 26 August at Becky Newman 2 September at A good selection of questions homfwork.

We started with all the cards in the suit. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The worksheet begins with substitution into an nth term to generate a sequence, progressing to nty an nth term and finishing with harder problems. Add 2 Which multiplication table has the same pattern? Mia Sebek-Reynolds Good variety of excercises.

nth term homework tes

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