General Information The institutions recognized by the DCI for running postgraduate courses prior to the commencement of the dentists amendment act and those dental colleges recognized for running Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS course or institutions established by the central government for the purpose of imparting postgraduate dental education shall be eligible for starting any postgraduate degree or diploma and higher specialty courses. Out of which two shall be pertaining to the specialty, one in applied basic sciences and one shall be an essay. Interceptive Orthodontics – Principles – Growth guidance – Diagnosis and treatment planning – Therapy emphasis on: It includes presentation and discussion on dissertation also. Records to be maintained. Check list For all MDS Specialities Journal reviews, seminars, clinical work in OPD, clinical case presentations teaching skills, dissertation presentation and overall assessment of the candidate has to be evaluated by the following check lists.

About ntruhs library dissertation guidelines is Not Asked Yet? Cysts of odontogenic origin. At the end of 3 years of training the candidate should be able to: Management of special children. Textbook review of all the specialty related textbooks on a weekly basis, to be finished in the first months.

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Local anesthesia in Endodontics. All the teaching faculty should be full time.

Basic principles of Mechanotherapy Includes Removable appliances and fixed appliances – Design Construction Fabrication Management Review of current literature on treatment methods and results viii. General anesthesia — pre medications, neuro muscular blocking agents, induction agents, inhalation anesthesia, and agents used, assessment of anesthetic problems in medically compromised patients.


Ntruhs Pg Thesis Writing A.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

Basic sciences relevant to the practice of Orthodontics. Effective motivation and education regarding periodontal disease maintenance after the treatment. Common drugs in Pediatrics: Case history guidlines with recording of a.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

Disclosing agents, Dentifrices, Mouth washes, Fluorides. Medium of instruction English shall be the medium of instruction of study and the examinations of the Master of Dental Surgery. Dental caries introduction, epidemiology, microbiology, cariogenic bacteria including properties, acid production in plaque, development of lesion, response of dentin-pulp unit, histopathology, root caries, sequelae and immunology.

Problem solving — a hypothetical oral health situation existing ntruus a community is given with sufficient data.

Fabrication of ghidelines habit breaking, mechanical and functional appliances, also all types of space maintainors and space regainers. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Viva-Voce also includes presentation and discussion on dissertation.

Salivary glands, functional anatomy of mastication, deglutition and speech.


Submission of the topic and synopsis for the University dissertation according to the guidelines of the Dr. OPG and other radiological techniques. Full Crown a Anterior b Posterior 2 each to be processed – 05 – 05 5.


Staff Signature Table 7 Publications Name: Preparation of ground and decalcified sections, tissue processing, sectioning and staining. Examination of ear, nose and throat. Annals of Dentistry 4. Overall work presentation 8. Upper expansion appliance with expansion screw 5. Tumors of salivary glands 47 – Physical and chemical injuries of oral cavity.

Paper IV will be on Essay. Planning of Oral health survey.

Ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Immunology — antigen antibody reaction, allergy, hypersensitivity and anaphylaxis, auto immunity, grafts, viral hepatitis, HIV infections and AIDS.

Theory Written examination shall consist of four question papers each of 3 hours duration. The synopsis of dissertation should be submitted on or before the end of first six months from the date of admission. Differential diagnosis of multiple separate and generalized radiopacities. Develop communication skills to bring awareness regarding periodontal disease. Preparation of frozen sections and cytological smears. Special Care Dentistry 84 Journals pertaining to Dental education and practice 1.