Whether, following the signing of the MediCrime Convention, which aims forcefully to combat the counterfeiting of medicines, new action has been taken to guarantee the safety of medicines, including after they have been authorised and marketed, and whether China is among the signatory countries to the MediCrime Convention? The key objective of IRDiRC is to deliver new therapies for rare diseases, including rare cancers and rare paediatric cancers, by The vehicles contain countless hazardous components — including seals, brake pads, tubes, rotors, wheels and pipes — and the number of people exposed to the danger includes pilots, maintenance personnel and crew members. Member States choosing to co-finance these types of measures from the EMFF should include them in their respective Operational Programme and ensure that the contribution complies with relevant provisions in the regulation. Stato della discriminazione delle minoranze religiose in Pakistan.

Education or work experience first resume essay using phrasal verbs. Does the Commission consider it desirable and acceptable that a Norwegian airline should use an Irish subsidiary to offer flights between Western Europe and the United States with crews based in Thailand employed on temporary contracts governed by Singapore law? Therefore, the monitoring of almost all antidepressants is under the responsibility of the national competent authorities, where they are authorised. They in fact created a tiny man-made star. The EU hopes that the commitments made by the new Iranian Government to improve the human rights situation in Iran will soon materialise. Ello es lo que permite mantener la convivencia en libertad e igualdad. The scandal erupted in China when the authorities reported they had discovered that medicines with the dangerous coating had been found in Zhejiang province and in the cities of Beijing, Changzhou and Xiamen.

That creates a de facto barrier to their mobility.

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Daarbij wordt ook de in de vragen van het geachte Parlementslid beschreven situatie geanalyseerd. The Commission would therefore suggest that the Honourable Oljmpiadi contact directly the Greek authorities in charge of the management of the programmes concerned:. V nerazumljivem obredu, llimpiadi se vsako leto odvija na Ferskih otokih, je ubitih na stotine delfinov, ki veljajo za izjemno inteligentna bitja.


The Commission has welcomed this initiative by Spain and will wait for the outcome of that inquiry. According to international media reports, she has been abused during her imprisonment and has not been offered adequate medical treatment.

Queste informazioni saranno utili agli enti pubblici per elaborare iniziative e politiche in ambito turistico. Durante la loro detenzione sono stati incappucciati allegayo polizia e hanno accusato sintomi di soffocamento, alcuni sono stati sottoposti a elettrocuzione e altri persino percossi.

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Could the Commission state whether the town of Castelluccio dei Sauri has applied for funding under these programmes or others that are available? Sample humanities research proposal child labor case study philippines business aklegato framework resume for home mortgage consultant.

Si tratta tuttavia di strumenti destinati principalmente a mappare le diverse dimensioni dei flussi turistici senza elaborare proiezioni dei flussi turistici futuri. How does the Commission view the trend whereby homes are increasingly redefined as a form of investment property?

Innovative technology, research and development in the context of the Horizon programme. In the specific case of fishing, it is generally recognised that poor weather at sea sometimes forces vessels to remain in port for lengthy periods, especially in the small-scale and artisanal fleet and in regions where limited port infrastructure makes it difficult for vessels to leave and return to port safely.

Hasta la fecha, no se han recibido informes de un aumento de las actividades antisemitas desde la entrada en funciones del nuevo Gobierno. Information regarding specific threat and risk is shared through the appropriate channels, notably between Member States and relevant European institutions.

The next meeting is scheduled for the autumn of Kenya should immediately stop its violent police forces, and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees should increase checks and exert pressure so as to put an end to the abuse.

In pgoblem of the above, can the Commission say if it has carried out an assessment of the impact its decision is likely to have on student exchanges? Cases of doping at the Sochi Winter Olympics. La Turchia potrebbe anche fungere da cliente chiave per il gas naturale israeliano rpoblem recentemente. This plan includes concrete steps to help protect Member States’ tax revenues against aggressive tax planning and tax havens.


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In view of the above, what action has the Commission undertaken? Wanneer zal de Commissie het strategisch initiatief voor de farmaceutische sector lanceren en wat zijn de kernaspecten ervan?

Crime statistics are determined by multiple factors, and cannot be attributed to a specific security measure, such as data retention.

Cross-border transport by taxi between France and Spain. L’Unione europea ha negoziato con la Svizzera un protocollo all’accordo sulla libera circolazione delle persone riguardante la partecipazione della Croazia a tale accordo. This is why a strategy common to all Member States is needed for action in this field. The Commission considers that given the amounts still available under all Structural Fund’s priorities it would be better to avoid radical changes for the time being and to concentrate all efforts to an accelerated implementation of the programmes when gradually taking on board the lessons learned.

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However, apprenticeships are generally much better regulated in Member States than traineeships, mostly within vocational education and training VET legislation. Recently the business has made it known that it wishes to start photographing and filming properties using drones, likewise without owners consent. Is it legal for a company operating in one country, such as Poland, to be registered for taxation purposes in another Member State, namely the UK, and only pay tax at a beneficial rate in the UK, thus avoiding higher tax rates in operating countries?

Can it give any information on the regulations that are olimpiado in force solvign the EU? Essay about the help.

La Commissione sta monitorando e analizzando le implicazioni normative di questi recenti sviluppi del mercato.