PBNI retains the role of pre-sentence report writing, supervision of probation and community service orders and post-custodial orders. The youth conference system which adopts a restorative approach has been deemed to be such a success that it is attracting considerable international attention. There is an objective in the Corporate Plan to introduce a mentoring and volunteering scheme. Under the scheme that emerged in information covers length, type, duration and requirements of supervision and an update on the outcome of any court proceedings if a supervisee fails to comply. The organisation is resourced through a government budget. That group oversees the assessment, planning and review for each life sentenced prisoner.

The court may seek guidance from the Probation Board as to whether such a monitoring requirement is appropriate in relation to an individual aged 10 years or above. A pilot commenced November in one area to test the viability of a Supervised Activity Order, managed by PBNI, as an alternative to the custodial sanction. Surveys were carried out among members of the Assembly MLAs in and The Probation Board comes under the government responsibility of the Department of Justice, which was established in April , following the devolution of policing and justice powers to the Northern Ireland Assembly. Recognition and attention towards the needs of victims has been an aspiration of probation for some time. As part of the co-operation between the Irish Probation Service and PBNI a single point of contact system has been dealing with all referrals since May In practical terms this means that probation interventions often involve linking people into a range of other voluntary sector services such as drug and alcohol and employment services.

The Code can only come into operation after it has received the consent of the Attorney General for Northern Ireland and has been approved by the Assembly.

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This post holder assures the necessary validation. One of the motivators for this change has been an increase in the overall volume of work being undertaken by the Probation Board. These factors will have a bearing on workload management into the future in the context of budgetary constraints. A Northern Ireland man has been jailed for eight months after more than 16, illicit cigarettes were seized from his home. Probation pbnl outline that the PSR should normally be completed within 20 working days of a court request.


Mental health ‘probation priority’ –

In general the DoJ does not stipulate how the money allocated is spent but de facto has a considerable degree of control e. The court may seek guidance from the Probation Board as to whether such a monitoring requirement is appropriate busjness relation businexs an individual aged 10 years or above. The PBNI is involved in preparing and presenting pre-sentence reports and has the responsibility for the management of community orders, like probations orders with additional requirementscommunity service orders and combination orders.

Probation supervision can range from years and community service hours from Theory Put into Practice. That authority is exercised within an agency case-management approach in accordance with NI standards and through mediation with other agencies, organisations and institutions.

In his last Report65 the Ombudsman records the receipt of two complaints regarding the PBNI, with one complaint cleared at validation stage and the remaining ongoing at the time of the publication of the report.

pbni business plan

This was increased when the community busienss order was introduced in Implementation of this procedure is likely to lead to proportionately more Short PSRs. For the most part that is covered by reciprocal legislation which allows for the provision of reports and the formal transfer of the legal order and action in the event on non-compliance EPR, 64 and Internal and external inspections, audits and reporting mechanisms underline the compliance of the organisation with formal policy instructions and rules EPR 18, 19, The Probation Board of Northern Businness has a limited internal research capacity function and it is notable that there has been relatively little academic research of probation practices and processes in Northern Ireland.

Topical and political cartoons from Belfast Telegraph. This is represented by their Framework agreement and joint Resettlement strategy. The day to day management is led by a Director of Probation. Chapman and Hough, Evidence Based Practice. At a preliminary or pre-trial hearing it may be asked to make enquiries or appropriate referrals to assist a court in the consideration of bail instead of custody. The responses were analysed in a report which was presented to PBNI.


It pays attention to the role of probation and the particular dynamics that have shaped practice within this jurisdiction. She also has a remit to investigate deaths in custody.

Mental health ‘probation priority’

Within the pre-trial phase the PBNI has fewer though increasing tasks. If imposed with the consent of the defendant the period in custody will be immediately followed by a probation order. On 8 May a devolved regional government was re-established.

It is likely to reduce but not busniess the overstretch experienced by probation area teams.

Their work is strategically guided by the Criminal Justice Delivery Group which is chaired by the Minister of Justice. The importance of securing employment for those trying to avoid the destructive cycle of re-offending was also stressed in the Probation Board NI’s corporate plan for the next three years. Where a custodial sentence appears to be the most likely option, the writer is expected to indicate the areas and risk factors that need to be addressed, the availability of programmes and interventions both in custody and post-release and any appropriate licence conditions.

Indeed the recent Review of the Northern Ireland Prison Bjsiness and its out-workings has demonstrated this. A separate devolved government was established in Northern Ireland NI which remained within the United Kingdom and subservient to the government in London. That is the common level of operation required of social workers in all disciplines in the modern context and is fundamental to the rationale for PBNI remaining with social work training rather than opting for a segregated criminal justice alternative.

pbni business plan