Socio-economic This aims to increase income and other economic resources primarily through enterprise development, agricultural- or urban-based technologies, development and dissemination. The number is still large, but in almost half The liberalization of the banking sector; lower interest rates thereby lowering credit-related revenues. In , the Philippine National Red Cross PNRC cited CEMEX Philippines, through its Solid Plant operations, for its dedicated service and commitment to assist communities through volunteerism and educational programs, including bloodletting, first aid and basic life-support activities. Redesigning systems Based on the results of the diagnosis, presented to the management team for action, the different units and groups were tasked to oversee systems redesign and implementation.

In , I was blessed to serve as executive assistant to former President Corazon Aquino after she ended her term. The heartrending discussion between the Executive Director and each affected staff was a heavy burden to bear. The Philippines is recording high growth rates in the past three years. Philcemcor praised APO for exerting exemplary efforts in maintaining consistency in quality within the prescribed standards for Portland Cement Type 1. Establishing an institutionalised volunteerism system is a step towards more active employee participation in community relations. The company owns 51 cement plants and is a minority partner in 17 other plants.

Individual targets of staff are also articulated, finalized, carried through, assessed and, when merited, rewarded.

pbsp case study

Recycled oil barrels were even donated to each Barangay office for use as garbage cans. Socio-economic This aims to increase income and other economic resources primarily through enterprise development, agricultural- or urban-based technologies, development and dissemination. Andy Mojica to the Figaro Foundation.

The continued increased demand for Barako on the other hand allows the advantage of bringing the price of Barako to a viable level that benefits both the farmer and the retailer.

Sustainability plans There were three tracks that were recommended by the Corplan group to address future financial requirements which were subsequently refined and adopted by the organization. Diagnosis of management performance and perceptions Figure The diagnosis used three different methodologies: Upgrading skills sessions were conducted in-house or staff were sent to training courses outside the organization.


The Ladies Club and environmental lectures are the only activities where employees and their wives can participate. Foundation benefits that could be converted into the staff’s personal accounts were converted.

pbsp case study

PBSP’s “vision” was redefined to the ideal state of the organization, while the “mission” was psbp to be the reason for its existence.

The redundancy program The redundancy program abolished 37 positions and affected 27 staff costing PhP 7. But because of its belief in stuyd cause, Figaro enjoined small groups who equally believed in the integrity of the cause and subsequently slowly built awareness towards a greater mass. It also suggests that businesses can support the growth of micro- small and medium enterprises in their supply chain or use Bottom of the Pyramid BOP approaches to help increase revenue among microentrepreneurs.

Tête-à-tête with Rafael “Rapa” Lopa of Philippine Business for Social Progress | BCtA

Mechanization and increased efficiency in other parts of the world had greatly brought down the price of coffee. The Corporate planning Corplan team identified four key assumptions which would materially affect the financial resources of PBSP: The benefit of rearticulating the values was that it provided a common language and unity because everyone went through the same process.

These divisions were headed by the Associate Directors with higher levels of authority to exercise their functions more effectively. Father Roger hailed from the southern province of Bohol and has made coffee his life. The redundancy program was a very painful organizational process.

Case 5: Philippine business for social progress (PBSP): Organizational change management

Limestone, clay and iron oxide are calcined in a kiln at 1, centigrade to produce clinker. They were also assisted in the procedures and processes to maintain and use statutory benefits.


In order to minimize dollar reserve losses due to importation, approximately 20, MT approximately 1. These address the problem of poverty by providing income-earning opportunities in urban and rural poor households, increasing access to quality basic education and health services, and protection of the environment.

Lastly, the private sector is challenged to influence key policy issues and lead the discourse on MDG-related issues. The strategy is approved by the Board of Trustees and is then translated into blueprints or annual plans.

The project encompasses awareness programmes, new plantings, research, and targeted marketing, and is coordinated with the Figaro Coffee Foundation see below. Financial efficiency pbwp of PBSP The Corplan team tracked the internal efficiency ratio of PBSP, plotting down overhead expenses in relation to revenues generated by the organization.

Case study: Philippine Business for Social Progress – More than wishful thinking

Administrative and logistical expense totalled of PhP Inclusive Business Innovation Healthcare for the Underserved: Using the Business Framework for Action developed by IBLF, the book argues that the private sector can participate based on its sphere of influence[2] on three levels: Remember me on this computer. It is also intended to enhance international understanding of business-community relations through information sharing and networking with other countries especially those participating in the project – Brazil, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa and Lebanon.

The same year, Antipolo First Lady Mrs. This meant first helping them to fill their stomachs, and later reaching their souls. Organizational change management introduction