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Journal of Applied Physics , 90 , — Physical Review Letters , , — Springer Series in Materials Science. Transformation optics and metamaterials. Band structure of elastic waves in two dimensional systems.

Coherent elastic waves in a one-dimensional polymer hypersonic crystal. Nature, — Ekmel Ozbay ozbay bilkent. Elastic and acoustic wave band structure. Some features of this site may not work without it. Effects of shapes and orientations of scatterers and lattice symmetries on the photonic band gap in two-dimensional photonic crystals.

phononic crystal thesis

International Journal of Solids and Structures45— Physical Review E64— Controlling sound with acoustic metamaterials. Sound attenuation by sculpture. Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. Citable link to this page http: We use cookies to improve your website experience. Terms of Use This article is made available under the terms and conditions applicable to Other Posted Material, as set forth at http: Negative refraction and energy funneling by hyperbolic materials: Acoustic band structure of periodic elastic composites.


Phononic crystals and manipulation of sound.

Nature Reviews Materials1— Discoveries in Phononic Crystals and Acoustic Metamaterials. Acoustic waves in metamaterials, crystals and anomalously refracting structures. The bandgap of a photonic crystal with triangular dielectric rods in a honeycomb lattice.


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Negative refraction, imaging, lensing and cloaking. Harvesting low-frequency acoustic energy using multiple PVDF beam arrays in quarter-wavelength acoustic resonator.

Phononic crystals and metamaterials —Promising new sensor platforms. Surface acoustic waves in two-dimensional periodic elastic structures.

Discoveries in Phononic Crystals and Acoustic Metamaterials

Microfabricated phononic crystal devices and applications. Abstract Phononic crystals and acoustic metamaterials are heterogeneous materials that enable manipulation of elastic waves. Band gap formation in acoustically resonant phononic crystals PhD thesis.

phononic crystal thesis

The research reported in this paper relates to understanding of complex structures to create materials with enhanced properties crystxl can be tailored to a particular application. Physica Status Solidi c6— Journal of Applied Physics90—