An object, which has a mass of 6. What are the magnitude and direction of the centripetal force acting on this car when at the location shown? A rifle bullet, which has a mass of The force F is generally supplied by a screw which is turned by a lug wrench. Two masses are connected together by a string which is then hung over a pulley which is mounted on the ceiling as shown in the diagram to the left. A force F is applied so as to push the crate up this incline at a constant speed.

A ball is thrown downward from the top of a building meters tall with an initial speed of From your graph determine the average velocity of this object as a function of time. A car, which has a mass of kg. According to the tachometer in a car the engine is rotating at RPM [revolutions per minute]. Where along the length of the bridge could a single upward force be applied so as to lift the bridge without tilting?

A car is at rest on a horizontal surface. The accelerator is applied and the car accelerates at 3. As a result the sled accelerates to the right at a rate of 3. What will be the direction a and magnitude of the total momentum of these two masses physixs the collision?

What will be the magnitude of the gravitational force component opposing the motion of the sled up the incline? Lorentz force wikipedialookup.


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How far are you from your starting point? The planet Mars orbits the sun at a distance of 2.

However, the wind is blowing due South with a velocity of How far will your car move from the time you apply the brakes until the car stops? Through what angle will this engine rotate each minute? How much will the spring be compressed just as the ball comes to rest against the spring?

What is the kinetic energy of this car? A satellite, which has a mass of kg. What will be the magnitude of the tension T in the rope? A satellite is to orbit the Earth so that its period is 2. How much work will be done in lifting this physic onto the table? This boat then reverses direction and returns to the point of origin.


What will be the velocity of the mass when it is What is the torque supplied by the gram mass about the What will be your GPE when you reach the top hoomework the stairway? A second car is also heading North but with a velocity of What will be the magnitude of the final velocity v 4 of m2 after the collision?

Electrostatics wikipedialookup. How much horizontal force must be applied to keep this sled in motion along the driveway at a constant speed?


A sign hangs in front of a store as shown to the right.

physics homework #53

What will be the mechanical advantage of a simple machine which produces an output force of N for every 70 N of force put into the machine? How fast must a 4.

physics homework #53

How much work is being done on the object by the applied force as it moves to the top of the incline? What will be the final velocity of the 8. The rubber stopper has a mass of phywics What will be the tension in the string as m 1 accelerates to the floor?

What will be the speed of this boat relative to an observer standing along the banks of the river?

Conceptual Physics: Homework #65

The moon Io orbits the planet Jupiter at an altitude of 3. How long after the cart leaves the top of the incline will the cart land on the floor? What is the average rate at which the speed of this car is changing during this time period?