Next, the player chooses one box among a group of three. The special programming stars the Eat Bulaga! Each host is accompanied by a well-known dance group. It is a raffle promo sponsored by the powdered milk drink brand Bear Brand. Two groups of five people compete against each other in a quiz competition. Throughout the jackpot round, the host makes a cash offer that would make the player think if he’ll go through with the game or withdraw with the offer. Each person explains why his grandfather is better, while the last person says something so unrealistic and then ends his description with the punchline.

The person standing on that number and the three next numbers receive cash prizes and gift packs from the show and its sponsors. Birit Bagets is similar to the segment Birit Baby , but is a singing competition dedicated to older children. The segment also served as the promotional segment for the movie. Home viewers will vote for the winner of the competition. It serves as a promotional segment for the film.

The score for each group’s performance is shown by the karaoke screen. Cash prizes and gift packs are given to lucky studio audience members.

Divisoria 76ers, Malinta Jazz. EB Kids’ Dance Showdown is a one-day competition between four solvnig of child dancers. It is an impersonating contest where contestants in pairs must impersonate the characters Lab and Kisses from the movie Lab en Kisses starring Vic Sotto and Vina Morales.

The contestants are judge on their personality, talent, and stage blaga.

16 People Who Are Pretty Darn Good At Problem Solving

There is already a number “0” in the hundred-thousands place in order to allow the host to make cash offers lower than one hundred thousand pesos. It is a sponsored segment intended to promote the American musical comedy film Can’t Stop the Music as well as to hype up the Village People’s concert then in Manila. The raffle promo ran from March to Septemberwith 12 weekly draws and the grand draw televised in Eat Bulaga!


It is a sketch within the show solvimg features a friendly showdown between the character Machete a fictional character created by one of the famous komiks writers in the Philippines, Pablo S. One notable event from the segment was from an Eat Bulaga! It is a special Saturday musical presentation of the BakClash Hall of Divaswho are the contestants or BakClashers from the BakClash segment who managed nulaga advance to the next round.

The LCD display that shows the current weight of the coins is also covered after the first thirty seconds. There will be two contestants for each episode.

Solve for X – video dailymotion

The contestants are inspired by the characters from the enchanted world of Engkantasya, the setting of the Enteng Kabisote franchise. Little Miss Philippines is one of the most famous signature segments of Eat Bulaga!

The hosts then go free-for-all, chasing and throwing cream pies at each other and at the studio audience. One-half of sooving bodies is dressed in male clothing, while the other half is dressed in female clothing. Kaya Mo Ba To? The size of the bubble gum bubble is measured using a caliper.

16 People Who Are Pretty Darn Good At Problem Solving – Dailymotion Video

Palengke Queen is a beauty bulagga for female merchants from the palengke. Notable signature Eat Bulaga! For Healthy and Heavy Models Only is a beauty pageant for plus-size women who are voluptuously beautiful and talented.

The segment features Eat Bulaga!


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If the group of contestants fail to produce the correct answer, cash prizes are instead raffled off to several audience members. One member must pop one balloon each to get the paper and make a mouth gesture of the word that was written on the paper to his or her teammate without releasing a voice, and the other member must guess what his or her teammate is trying to say.

Solve for X

It is a singing competition for contestants from the barangay of the day. The player has 60 seconds to perform the task.

problem solving eat bulaga june 10 2015

From the 11 BakClashers semi-finalists from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, 6 semi-finalists will be chosen to pgoblem to the Grand Showdown. The second part is a stand-up comedy skit for both contestants, and they will also be given several singing challenges. The segment is the original spoof of the signature Eat Bulaga! Contestants must be 13 to 19 years old in order to join the competition.

The segment is a dance challenge between the Eat Bulaga! If the contender defeats the reigning BakClasherthe contender will become the new reigning BakClasher. The narrator reads an originally written story, but may add additional descriptions that the characters must act to make the story funnier and more entertaining.

The portion was later revived when Lunch Date was able to briefly overtake Eat Bulaga! Child contestants sing hit songs from the s, s, and s in this singing competition.