NO is a line. Reasonableness Connor divided There are 3 squares in the set. Topic 15 Reteaching 5. How much money does Kim have left after buying the CD? When you divide a number by 10, , or 1,, your quotient will be smaller than that number. Pentagon; not regular 4.

Find and graph three solutions of x 5 on the number line. Abh A 10 cm 8 cm Reteaching A 80 cm2 Find the area of each parallelogram. Three more than a 3 3 3 on each face. Represent each time on a hour number line. Its only factors are 1 and 3. What part of a whole circle is shown by the white, or unshaded, area of two circles? The numerator tells you the decimal itself.

The missing labels in the third row are 0. What You Think 3 2 hundreds 6 hundreds 6 hundreds 2 hundreds 8 hundreds No need to regroup.

Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

Place the difference over the denominator and simplify if possible. Two is the sum of one plus one. To get p alone, add 6 to both sides of the equation.

problem solving writing to explain 14-5 reteaching

Since 82 means you multiply two factors of 8, 82 in expanded form is 8 8. In each figure, the number of cubes hidden by the view is given beneath it. Three is the sum of one plus one plus one. Look at the figure. Although 12 is closer to 9 than problfm 8, each post must be a full 12 inches, and therefore any remainder must be thrown away.


Look at the place-value chart above. Calculate the volume, V, using the formula V l w h.

Estimation A vat has a capacity of fl oz. Classify the smaller cubes. Departure time of second bus from Elm 9: It is greater, because you rounded up to Rhombus Trapezoid The measures of three angles of a quadrilateral are given.

Write equivalent fractions with the least common denominator. This value is the smallest perimeter in the table. Example C What is the length of the twig to the nearest centimeter and to the nearest millimeter?

problem solving writing to explain 14-5 reteaching

Rodriguez will need three test-tube racks. How to find the missing measurement of a triangle: What percentage of the games has the team won?

Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

One value of x can be 4. The first number in the division expression is the numerator of the fraction. How many songs did he play? Reteaching You can use arrays to find the factors of Reteaching Hexagon 6 sides Name each polygon. Round his wage to the nearest ten cents. An integer is a whole number or its opposite 7 and 7 are sllving.


Write, or for each 2 1. How to use elapsed time to find when an event began or ended: What You Write 1 3 5 21 3 25 21 3 Mr. Therefore, 12 is a composite number.

Triangle 3 sides Pentagon 5 sides Octagon 8 sides A regular polygon has sides of equal length and angles of equal measure.