The faculty member and student develop an academic component e. Ladies and gentleman, beware of the squinty-eyed guy! Margaret Cease – The Presence of Memory: Examining the Role of Maximizing. A Pathway to Posttraumatic Growth.

All deadlines are weighed the same; it does not help or harm you to apply by a specific deadline. The honors coordinator is available to answer general questions about the major and the honors thesis project. Garcia Jaeyeon Chung – Nationalism and Antagonism: It is recommended that the student be of at least junior standing and have completed one psychology breadth course. The presentation can consist of either a paper presented during a panel discussion, asymposium or a poster presentation. Steps to Graduate In order to graduate, you must do the following:

The thesis will be submitted through the form in the quick links below. You can’t have a password that is an actual word, and the password does need to include some kind of upper case, lower case, number and symbol.

For Current Honors Students

Mary Zinn – Characterizing Resiliency in Adolescence: A qualitative study of Asian American College Students. This course may be taken for a maximum psycn 4 credits.

psych honors thesis umich

Does Multinational Experience Predict Competence? Students with dual majors or in the Individualized Major Program conducting research with significant emphasis upon psychological sciences are also eligible.


Brent Stansfield Mary L Ryan – Neural encoding of incentive salience during cue-controlled cocaine self-administration. Keyword Search of psych 0″ v-on: Review the Student Research information and identify an appropriate research mentor and co-sponsor if necessary. In addition to her academic achievements, Anne served as a volunteer in the medical field. Jonides Stephen Chang – Stress and Reward: You must be admitted to the honors program in order to enroll in these courses.

Major in Psychology or BCN

Susan Murphy and Elizabeth Peckham. Accelerated Master’s Degree Program. The award was created in memory of Wilson P. Provide students with opportunities to gain in-depth practical laboratory experience by assisting in the research lab of an individual faculty member in the Biopsychology or Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Program.

The Research Forum uumich a great opportunity for you to give a professional presentation of your thesis research. Ann Arbor, MI neuroscience umich. Selection of the scholarship recipient is based primarily on financial need, academic potential, academic interest in both psychology and biology, and consideration of past or present community or volunteer work.

  RA 6713 ESSAY

Students who wish to begin Winter term have one deadline to submit honrs application in December. Apply for the Martha Muenzer Memorial Award. Mathematical Models and Behavioral Styles Mentor: See the program director for more information on this option. Biological and behavioral influences on psychopathology. Emily Armstead – Examining Rumination and Sleep: With the agreement of your current mentor, you may decide to switch projects, or even mentors.

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However, each major has separate requirements for completing their specific honors program. More than one recipient may be chosen.

psych honors thesis umich

Apply for the Anne Rudo Memorial Award. The online system will send a copy of your thesis and a link to the evaluation forms to your listed evaluators.

Alexis Holman – Fear and Disgust: May be repeated hnoors up to 6 credits total. Reeya Patel – Disappointing Gift Task: Shardae Osuna – Intercultural Competency: