Early detection of different retinal-related diseases will dramatically reduce the risk of vision loss. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Content from the Community Eye Health Journal on the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease. The aim of this thesis was to develop a software pipeline for tissue analysis in IVOCT by systematically addressing different open questions for analysis. Optic Nerve Diseases L1.

Qualitative evaluation using m5-Y IF highlighted the quality of the scientific production related to eye diseases of some countries i. We retrieved four papers from IndMED that corresponded with four theses. To determine publication rates in indexed journals, of works derived from theses, and factors affecting publication. If the name of a country no longer existed e. Theses submitted prior to were not included as the numbers of postgraduate students then were smaller, possible differences in methodology and institutional resources available at that time could have made the data incomparable with more recent theses. Hong Kong was considered as part of China. Facilitation of autophagy and amelioration of transcriptional dysregulation are proposed as mechanisms of action.

Medline and Embase complement each other in literature searches. One hundred thirty-two different countries were identified.

Trends and topics in eye disease research in PubMed from 2010 to 2014

Most of the publications from theses in our institution appeared in the year after completion of the postgraduation course. Dry Eye Syndromes L2. Research productivity of Canadian ophthalmology departments in top 10 ophthalmology and vision science journals from to We observed that in vivo assessment of ESS was closely related to: Washington University in St. The analysis of the total number of publications showed that Europe and Asia were the most productive continents, and the USA and China the most productive countries.


It also controls a swept source optical coherence tomography SS-OCT pumbed system to provide high resolution, cross-sectional tomographic images of ophthalmologj tissue regions.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

The thesis describes the neural precursor cell line RN33B transplanted subretinally to adult healthy and young dystrophic rat retina. Table 2 Time lag between thesis submission and subsequent publication in an indexed journal. A small world of citations?

Masters theses from a university medical college: Publication in indexed scientific journals

The software controls a charge-coupled device CCD camera to perform reflectance and fluorescence imaging, which serves to navigate the endoscope to the fallopian tubes and surveil suspicious tissue regions. The influence of collaboration networks on citation practices. Significance testing, using the Chi 2 test and Topcis exact test, was used to compare publication rates based on hierarchy, department, year, study design, and statistically significant difference between groups; Student’s t -test was used to determine differences in publication rates based on number of co-supervisors.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

This treatment, though widely used, often requires repeat procedures to observe long-term therapeutic benefits. Pubmef thesis is an integral part of postgraduate medical education in India.

Ophhtalmology on studies carried out to provide evidence for the delivery of effective eye care services, plus information on the knowledge and tools eye care workers need to carry out your own research.

The Metrics of Science and Technology.

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Masters theses are neither expected to result in innovative research[ 4 ] nor should they be conducted simply to fulfill a degree hhesis, choosing topics that are not publishable. To our knowledge, there are no similar studies examining worldwide research related to ophthalmology, and such an analysis of articles related to eye diseases has never been done.

Therefore, the objective of this thesis was to develop an optical coherence tomography imaging atlas of the human heart, study the utility of optical coherence tomography in providing useful features Hence, there is an utmost necessity to develop an automated segmentation algorithm for retinal OCT images which is fast, accurate, and eases clinical decision making.


Worldwide interest in the comet thesie When normalized by GDP, the ranking positions changed partially in favor of developing countries. Funding Statement The authors received no funding for this work.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

This tremendous development has been supported by industry support through improvement of dedicated components such as lasers, cameras and optics.

Ethical issues in the supervision of student research: When the country was absent in the address, it was determined from the city or email address using an Internet search engine if necessary. A published ophthalmoloty was considered to be a derivative of the thesis when it satisfied both of the following criteria: Due to the extremely broad spectrum cover by SC sources, their high power density and high spatial coherence, it seems obvious to use them Content on global policies to improve eye health.

Dissertation topics.

In this thesis, we propose a series of image processing and machine learning techniques for the automated analysis of OCT images. However, optical coherence tomography imaging of cardiac tissue in humans is largely unexplored, and the ability of optical coherence tomography to identify the structural substrate of atrial fibrillation has not yet been investigated.

European Journal of Ophthalmology.