This is an individualized, self contained instructional material that requires some activities such as research work, case studies and interviews to be submitted on specific dates assigned by the professor. They will sign a waiver prohibiting them to file charges against the University for non-printing of their names in the program. Retablo para Los D-Tards y Desamparecidos, in progress, What can we expect from you in the next five years? Considering the crucial decisions I had to take in to carry out the plans for the piece, the delivery of Ipinagbiling Kahapon was a high point in my artistic passage. I guess my reputation precedes me chuckles. You have to learn about translating perception, improving visual communication, and understanding history and theories. I started with Hiraya Gallery in and I was in its stable until

Students have the option to choose between a thesis or Non-thesis program after completing their academic requirements. How did you come up with the idea of interactive assemblage? I was more concerned about peer validation though laughs. The scenario created suggests the ageing of the Christ-like image as you take the wooden cut-out figure and arrange it on its assigned position. These are held at least 2 or 3 times per trimester, about three hours for each course, the distance education students come to the Learning Center to attend the lecture sessions during which they have an opportunity to interact with each other, to raise questions regarding the modules assigned for study and to seek clarifications of points they find difficult to comprehend. Kasal For the ideas of your own exhibitions, how do you try to be unique in concepts and executions? You have to learn about translating perception, improving visual communication, and understanding history and theories.

I never submitted any of my finished works for assessment and would just listen to the evaluation of the works of other students in his class.

Performance art gives me an opening — a possibility of envisioning my work in dynamic motion.

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Boy Rodriquez thewis us all about the concept of play in terms of approaching our form, subject and content. Bachelor degree in Education For formatt Education Graduate, 18 units of Education Certificate of Transfer Certificate of Employment original with two photocopies Permit to Study if applicant is working in the Government or the student is under government study grant two photocopies Four 1.


Maybe because I think that art reviews nowadays are reserved for auction princes and princesses.

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With this scheme, I was able to achieve both goals of creating an effective pictorial organization and motivate the audience to physically interact with the components of my artwork. The total number of units required are: Nakalimutan ko na nga kung sinong nagsabi ng mga ito.

Cuarta What is an ideal client to you? File for a refund if any 8 3. Lito did not influence me in terms of style but he guided me towards artistic exploration.

pwu thesis format

By re-creating these works in various styles and persuasion which were endemic at the time, I made a parody of the social, political and economic aspects within the art system. Considering the crucial decisions I had to take in to carry out the plans for the piece, the delivery of Ipinagbiling Kahapon was a high point in my artistic passage.

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They are to be positioned one at a time in a stage-like structure that adds another dimension to the artwork. It used to be exciting especially the part where you discuss about echoing the exhibition theme in table settings or how the food will hhesis presented and all those arrangements that will resonate the premise of the exhibit.

After every festive lunch, kumustahan and kwentuhanI would go up to her studio. Of Carnival Queens and Muses Mga three nights ko siyang napapaniginipan.

Karen Ocampo Flores was assigned to handle the other exhibiting classes there in His name is Ronaldo Gonzales.

But on second look, the content of the exhibited works in the appropriated setting echoed the state of the nation as well. The project focused on those who have nothing to declare — those whose marginality is a source of intervention and strength, of subterfuge and resistance, of constraint as well as change. Basic Courses 9 unitsMajor subjects 30 unitsCognates 6 unitsDissertation Writing 12 unitsall in all 60 units.


I did an installation piece with the intention of addressing the state of the arts in the Philippines.

pwu thesis format

Expert in Research and Statistics 2 Experts Specialization 3. The show examined nationhood, modernism, critical self-recognition, political complexity and proposes that art practice comes with an inseparable charge, a context, an implication that cannot be distilled away into absolute form but has to be grafted and manifest by and in such form to fully address the era it came from.

He also passed on some of his views about how his assemblages should be regarded, the relevance of curatorial reviews, the frills and thrills of an artist, among thesjs others, striking a balance between too much and too little editorial intervention.

I also worked on various projects with some Theater Productions.

Towards the Development of a Human Resource Development Program for a Local Commercial Company.

Lost and Found June — A flurry of renewed interest was directed towards the works of Lamberto Hechanova who was reputed as an incubator of modernist painting and sculpture in the s. I also honed my exhibition design skills there also under the mentorship of Bobi Valenzuela. This visual appropriation represented the parallel idea of the three-fold principle of thinking, feeling and willing as an effective way of addressing current issues in our society.

But really, it has never been an issue with me.

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Di ako masyadong dumaan sa coloring book, my grandmother would encourage us kids to create our own visual narratives, gupit-gupit, drawing-drawing at dikit-dikit, tapos pag-uusapan naming yung process. Add this document to collection s. These are strictly proctored and monitored. Communication is up to you. I believe in collective memory and parallel interpretations so I just follow my thoughts and assess the topics that I want to cover before Thewis work on a piece.