This does not have to be the final client; it can be an internal client such as another department or another level in hierarchy. Online Masterclass 7pm Tonight 2nd Dec Understand the case study and how to select the right project. For example checking that I have not made any arithmetical errors is not an option, it is a compulsory best practice task. If for a reason or another you had to heavily deviate from best practice in your short-listed key issue, play it safe and select a different key issue. The Case Study that you are required to submit as part of your APC submission is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your technical and professional skills through a project that you know very well. You then need to identify which among these many challenges are potential key issues. Further help If you would like to prepare the detailed plan of your Case Study with our APC trainers and discuss with them your key issues and options, we offer one-to-one mentoring sessions either face-to-face Manchester or London only or via Skype.

You may discuss a single key issue if it was particularly complex and enabled you to apply a range of level 3 competencies. The topic of your Case Study must not be older than 24 months by the time you submit your documents for final assessment or preliminary review if applicable In which of my projects was I a key member of the team? This will help you to remove any technical errors and ensure that it is a clear, logical read that flows and is professionally drafted and presented.. A top tip is to focus on the inspection for the case study, as this inspection is likely to be probed more fully. If a candidate is not this fortunate then the RICS and other practices organise networking events for other professionals, which is a great way to meet others in a similar situation.

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Explaining what casw do as a normal course of action is not dealing with a key issue. What techniques can you use to best demonstrate your competencies? Also, your supervisor and counsellor can access it for review.


At level 1, assessors will want to check that candidates have a good knowledge of key documents — particularly those produced by the RICS — and the law. Further help If you would like to prepare the detailed plan of your Case Study with our APC trainers and discuss with them your key issues and options, we offer one-to-one mentoring sessions either face-to-face Manchester or London only or via Skype.

rics apc case study example

Alternatively, we offer face-to-face training for corporate clients across the UK. What must be demonstrated at interview is a deep and reasoned knowledge of the areas exa,ple and around the candidate’s direct experience.

Candidates must remember to mention record keeping and note taking as a key part of the inspection. A candidate is essentially half way through their assessment before the process moves off a subject of their choosing. As it is all in the cloud you can access it on any computer that has the relevant editing software eg Word.

If you select a project in which corners were constantly cut, it is very unlikely that you will have dealt with your key issues in the manner expected for the purpose of your APC. A candidate should consider the interview process as similar to advising a client in a one-to-one meeting not a job interview.

Therefore it would be prudent for the candidate to look at their list of experience and ask themselves the question; am I an expert in this?

rics apc case study example

To achieve level 1, candidates will need to know about different requirements for inspection and demonstrate an understanding of factors affecting the approach to inspection. Now time has passed and your suggested solution has happened and you have a moment to reflect upon what and how it played out and whether you could have with hindsight improved the procedures and processed you adopted.

Give yourself sufficient time to produce the Case Study. Therefore a candidate should set out to do everything right first time so that they are successful and can move onto the next part of their career.

If there was only one viable option, you will not be able to demonstrate your analytic skills which is intrinsic to achieving level 3: Based upon a 24 month APC training process, Jon Lever suggests starting the outline and draft of your Case Study at about month 5 and having a final draft by month A candidate is not expected to know everything in their chosen pathway. Choosing a case study is probably the most important decisions during the APC.


As a rule of thumb, I would recommend discussing your Case Study with your Counsellor 12 months before your final interview. Your selected project does not have to be a multi-million award winning scheme. So, careful consideration is required when drafting the Case Study report to make it clear, concise and professional. You are commenting using your Google account. Small low-profile projects attract the same challenges that major projects and require the same set of skills.

That will give the assessor confidence the candidate could give reasoned advice in a professional setting. This field should be left blank.

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ircs For example, Surveying Safely a;c written inbut has, to a certain extent, been overtaken by subsequent legislation, such as the Control of Asbestos Regulations Hopefully you will have kept a notebook and you can easily go through your notes to refresh your memory. When do I need to start thinking about my Case Study? Groups can also motivate each other and provide encouragement on those dark weekends spent inside reading up on condition surveys or feasibility studies.

Some of your projects will be more suitable than others and you should start by compiling a short list of your most suitable projects. APC competencies, Kate Taylor explores the three levels of inspection competency and discusses how candidates can demonstrate their ability to assessors at final assessment. See our Masterclasses on how to approach and write your Case Studu properly: Posted on June 28, Updated on June 23,