Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. Jejemon, Bekimon, at Filipino? As it stands, this statement supports the idea that when something is done continuously it becomes a routine either positive or negative and that F Skinner, behavior is a function of its consequences. In fact, it is likened to the deterioration of the English language. Jejemon a person “who has managed to subvert the English language to the point of incomprehensibility. Personality, according to Walter , is the distinctive patterns of behavior, including thoughts and emotions, which characterize each individuals adaptation to the situations of his or her life. The mean age of the respondents was

The scope is limited only to the Jejemons among youth, aged up to 18 years old. With an entire population of 2,, as of , it is composed of 4 legislative districts and barangays. In an article in Wikibooks. The instruments were subjected to the critic of our professor in the Faculty of Language of the Trinity University of Asia. The proper usage of both Filipino and English language is one of the important aspects of Philippine education. The researchers were very eager to know why Jejemons exist in the Philippine society. The jejemon culture spreads rapidly bringing out both good and bad reactions in the educational setting.

He also wants to economize the space restrictions on text messaging when sharing to twitter and other social media. Almario budget business plan kanyang pag-aaral samplf sa wikang Filipino na nagbabago lang naman ang wika alinsunod sa nagbabago sa buhay ng gumagamit nito.

Wikipedia Social network service an online service, platform, or site that focuses on. It is not a process wholly conscious and calculated. These results imply that the respondents are flexible internet butterflies who know how to observe proper decorum on communication.


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Hindi maganda thsis relasyon o pakikisama ko sa aking mga magulang. The remaining 5 percent or 1 respondent was a working student. These incidents, along with several other factors, have led to debate about the impact of textese on the English language and its subsequent implications on the literacy of youth.

The problem of the study was broken down into manageable topics for explanatory analysis. I am not in good terms with my parents.

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My school is a society full of Jejemons. The origin of short-handed typing was through the short messaging service, in which each text message in cellphone is limited to characters. It may be safe to say that people using gay lingo have favorable attitude towards the gays.

To the readers, who may also benefit from this study for they could have further knowledge about the topic of this samplle and, 6.

Nais nilang maging tatak ng kanilang barkada o henerasyon ang naiiba nilang paraan ng pagsasalita. Some members of the family are Jejemons, too. Mona Valisno, kejemon representative of DepEd told parents to keep their kids from falling into the Jejemon trap before they forget how to spell the actual words in English or Fili- pino.

Kulturang Pilipino, Ibangon at Isulong! Jay said Jargon is the idiomatic speech of a special activity or social group.

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Lastly, 1 respondent claim a monthly family income of P60, According to Lumsdenyou use words and non-verbal cues to represent what you mean, but your listeners backgrounds and experiences with the language shape how they understand your meaning. Twenty Jejemons were identified from three areas. The language that we use thesus is getting wider and wider. Taon-taon tayong nagkakaroon smple pagbabago ng mga bagong salita katulad ng breakdancing, at software. Educational reasons for being a Jejemon ranked first.


sample thesis jejemon

As can be gleaned on the table, the major social influences of the respondents were their text mates, closed friends, peers and the media that they are exposed with. A batch of groups have grown besides to battle Jejemons.

These include item no.

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A good thesis statement will usually include the following four attributes: Public school students make up a total of 50 percent or 10 of the total respondents, while those from private schools comprise 25 percent or 5 respondents, which show that there are more Jejemons in public schools than in private schools.

We will write a custom paper sample on Effects of Jejemon Essay specifically for you. Jejemon – Research Paper Jejemon term: As agreed by him and Tbesis, Jejemon really strikes the nation rapidly affecting a huge population of Filipinos especially texters and social network butterflies [7]. Wikipedia Social network service an online service, platform, or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people, e.

Knowledge of Jargon identifies one as an insider, a member of the group.