However, they are being observed by their teachers to have poor habits in learning the correct English. Wikipedia Social network service an online service, platform, or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people, e. Your information will be kept strictly confidential. Words are created by rearranging letters in a word, alternating capitalizationover-usage of the letters H, X or Z. This chapter will describe how this investigation was conducted.

For the future researchers, we recommend that another study should be conducted concerning the social satisfaction of Jejemons in the fad. According to him there are 3 aspects that composed a jejemon: The social and educational influences of jejemon texting style 3. Twenty Jejemons were identified from three areas. It quickly spread among the country’s more than 50 million mobile phone subscribers who send at least 12 text messages every day [1]. Their viral video on YouTube, their top Gear Philippines jejecover and more about their popularity will always be a phe- nomenon to stay permanent both real life and on cyberspace [4].


Ang aking tinitirhang lugar ay may maraming Jejemon. Apparent- ly, teachers and parents do not necessarily impinge any influence at all in terms of the societal root of the problem.

Jejemons became a folk.

It quickly spread among the country’s more than 50 million mobile phone subscribers who send at least 12 text messages every day [1]. To present the data gathered in this portion of the tnesis, Table 2 is hereby given.

As a conclusion to this remark on jejemon, the issue became the center of educational debate especially in the secondary education particularly the public schools in the Philippines.

In the same program, writer Pete Lacaba said that we should not think too little of Jejemons because their new word inventions mean that our language is still alive and continues to grow. Ang layunin ng pagkakaroon ng wikang theesis ay upang pagkaisahin ang mga Pilipino saan mang sulok ng mundo, may pagkakaunawaan, matagumpay na pakikipag-ugnayan at pagkakaisa sa iisang layunin.


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This chapter presents some of the related literature and studies that were conducted in the local scene and other countries and were reviewed by the researchers.

On the other hand, teachers play an important role in the educa- tional aspect of sajple development. Public school students make up a total of 50 percent or 10 of the total respondents, while those from private schools comprise 25 percent or 5 respondents, which show that there are more Jejemons in public schools than in private schools.

As a asmple, it is a challenge to twit thoughts in characters beating the readers to difficultly understand its meaning [1]. As a new language that is made up of mostly symbols and phonetics, it alarmed the Depart- ment of Education in the Philippines. The following are the items that express the possible reasons of the youth from being Jejemon. What are thesiw personal, professional and other characteristics of Jejemons? In time, Jejemonism became the latest source of boiling thsis debates. Least affordance is traced when they are communicating with their parents and siblings at home, and among their teachers in their school community.

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Khan did to his neighbours eight hundred years ago. Foreign A society is a social system that shares a ssmple territory, a common culture, and a way of life. Click to learn more https: My school is a society full of Jejemons.

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Jejemon became so controversial and frequently. Method of Research In order to achieve the major purpose of this study, the researchers employed the descriptive method, particularly the analytical, longitudinal survey type. Slowly, often imperceptibly, the newcomer jejdmon up his culture.


I wanted them to get amazed every time I come up with a new word.

They easily get influenced by the issues and trends in the society they belong. Personality, according to Walteris the distinctive patterns of behavior, including thoughts and emotions, which characterize each individuals adaptation to the situations of his or her life. If all the civil statuses, except married, would be combined, it would make up 35 percent or 7 respondents, which is a relatively large portion of the total number of respondents.

Economic reasons also concern the lives of Jejemons since texting and social network services are vital to being part of this fad and it greatly relies on a persons financial ability. When interviewed, respondents revealed that they often used it in twitter and facebook. They type words in the practical universe by jumping capital and little letters.

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Out of 26 items, there are only five top items that the researchers want to point out as the major reasons of the Jejemons why they adopt this pop culture. As can be gleaned on the table, the major social influences of the respondents were their text mates, closed friends, peers and the media that they are exposed with. The jejemon culture spreads rapidly bringing out both good and bad reactions in the educational setting. Interpersonal relationship and economic reasons ranked third and fourth for being.

By Jan Abigail Refuerzo.

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