Sometimes the wardrobe is quite extensive. After the pipe has passed round five times to the right, it stops, and then he tells them to sing five songs. He is the leader in the song-singing. They told him it looked like a man; it had legs and hands and a head, but the head had quit burning, and it was left quite black. Seeing they would not trust him, my grandfather left them, saying, “Perhaps they will come again next year.

She is never forced by her parents to marry against her wishes. My other uncle got well again, and is living yet. Now go and bring in the men. They all brought guns with them. The women sit behind them in another circle, and if the children wish to hear, they can be there too. It was about my people. Well, we went on; but we did not camp with them, because my poor mother and brothers and sisters told my grandfather that I was sick with crying for fright, and for him not to camp too close to them.

He told them that the whites were really esssy brothers, that they were very kind to everybody, especially to children; that they were always ready to give something to children.

My sister and brothers ran to her, crying, and for the first time since I was sick I cried out, “Oh, don’t, don’t cry! My other uncle got well again, and is living yet.

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He said the white men had poisoned the Humboldt River, and our people had drank the water and died off. We went on the next day, and passed some more of our white brothers’ houses, as we called their wagons at that time.


So, poor essah, they must have suffered fearfully, for they all starved there. When I was a child in California, I heard the Methodist minister say that everybody that did wrong was burned in hell forever.

Oh, our great chieftain, we are afraid your white brothers will yet make your people’s hearts bleed. They were the first ones my father had seen face to face. Dinnemucca tried to take my girl from me and abuse her before my eyes and yours too, and oh, you must go too.

sarah winnemucca essay

He said, “They will not be hurt; they will have quite a number of swrah by the time we are ready to go back to our home again. Certainly, it is an accurate depiction of her arduous efforts to serve as a literate interpreter on behalf of her community.

My grandpa went to one of the houses, and when he came back he said his white brothers wanted him to come and get some beef and hard bread. I know my grandchildren and daughters and brothers are in that happy bright Spirit-land, and I shall soon see them there. They say that after they left, my grandfather called for all his people to come together, and he then showed them the beautiful gift which he had received from his white brothers.

He said, ‘Depart from each other, you cruel children; — go across the mighty ocean and do not seek each other’s lives. A Study of American Indian Autobiogra- essaj.

Then the little children and the women did the same, and I saw the exsay ones running to their tents winnemhcca back again with something in their hands, and they were giving it to each man. Oh, how my heart beat! They are all different, and he says the angels sing them to him.



I would rather see her die than see her heart full of fear every night. The white man staid all night, and went home the next day.

I wondered what it was like. Then you will say our doctors and doctresses did know.

sarah winnemucca essay

I thought my poor heart would break. They came like a lion, yes, like a roaring lion, and have continued so ever since, and I have never forgotten their first coming.

I threw myself down upon the ground. Then I cried out, —. She also sees C.

When my grandfather went to California he helped Captain Fremont fight the Ainnemucca. Our medicine man cures the sick by the laying on of hands, and we have doctresses as well as doctors.

I did not make up with my grandfather for a long time. It is the first outbreak of the American Indian in human literature, and has a single aim — to tell the truth as it lies in the heart and mind of a true patriot, and one whose knowledge of the two races gives her an opportunity of comparing them justly.

Cole and family; Mr. Nothing happened during the day, and after awhile mother told us not to say a word about why we winnemkcca, for grandpa might get mad with us.