Throughout this project, you will rely primarily on your Director and Second Reader for guidance. The sample was small, but grouped together, the responses emphasize that this tradition leads to tangible benefits for the student and our university, serving as the capstone of a South Carolina Honors College education. Both the Second Reader and the Thesis Director are responsible for grading your coursework. This is perhaps the best way to gain valuable research skills, self-discipline, and experience working independently before you confront the greater task of completing the senior thesis. Likewise, students occasionally need to change directors or second readers. Work on the senior thesis should be conducted during the entirety of your senior year, in consultation with your Thesis Director. This essay attempts to review the data that has been collected seen and unseen regarding the honors senior thesis process and speculate how further research, quantitative or a mixed-methods approach, can offer insight into a tradition that many of us have on our own respective campuses.

If your Director or Second Reader becomes seriously ill or hurt, leaves town, or experiences some other emergency that hinders your ability to complete your thesis, please contact the SCHC Thesis Coordinator as soon as possible. Make sure your Director is planning to be on campus or accessible to you throughout that time. Nile Sakr The Egyptian Revolution: The flexibility you have in selecting your topic is virtually limitless. The Life of Steve Corbitt 3: Each year, SCHC distributes a senior survey and, amongst several questions, asks students to comment on the senior thesis process.

A Tradition Unlike Any Other: From New York to Columbia 4: A Study on Recent Murals of Columbia 9: If you will be receiving 6 or more credit hours for your thesis, you will be assigned to either the Honors College Dean or one of the Associate Deans and will be expected to regularly update him or her on the progress handbok your work. The defense is required to be held before the last day of classes. Editorial Matter for Volume 5, Number 1.


schc senior thesis handbook

The majority of all problems that arise with a senior thesis can be fixed fairly easily, but it is up to YOU, the student, to seek help when necessary and to address problems sooner rather than later. Each year, SCHC distributes a senior survey and, amongst several questions, asks students to comment on the senior thesis process.

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Kay Banks bankshk mailbox. While qualitative research compensates for this weakness, it is criticized for the personal interpretations made by the research.

Faculty approvals by your research committee hwndbook the department Honors Program Director s must be completed in a timely manner to allow for you to be cleared for graduation.

Angelica Hutchinson I Will Go: Many SCHC students have found that getting a head start on their theses has saved them from getting behind in their work later in the semester.

A representative from the Honors College is handbooi required to attend the thesis defense, however you must submit your thesis defense date svhc the Honors College available here. In this case, the Thesis Director is chosen from one field while the Second Reader is chosen to represent the second field.

Golf Tournaments played each year, a tradition going back to Kayla Murray Women at Work: You are expected to remain in close contact with your Thesis Director and Second Reader.

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Allison Burrel l Integration of natural selection across the life cycle stabilizes a marine mussel hybrid zone 4: You may wish to complete your senior thesis with one or more other students. World-Building in a Small Town 4: Handboook who are studying away from campus are waived from the requirement but can still access information provided on Blackboard.


schc senior thesis handbook

This responsibility is one reason graduate and professional programs, as well as employers, are so impressed by a student who has successfully completed a senior thesis. Be sure you have allowed enough time to complete your work before undertaking such an endeavor.


Nathanial Hanson Prevention, Awareness, and Treatment: National Collegiate Honors Council. The challenges of developing research questions too focused or broad exist in any study, but in the case of the honors senior thesis, convolution is an imminent threat due to the different type of honors colleges and programs and what it means to graduate with honors.

Using stories and current events to educate students on refugees What effect does an honors senior thesis and the experiences of the students have in their ability to persist towards degree completion? Christopher Cogan Ultrasound as a tool to teach nonmedical undergraduate students cardiac anatomy and physiology 1: Andrew Schindler Whatever It Takes: This step gives everyone time to review the thesis and to prepare questions for the defense.

Kara Jones Blue Eyes: Honors students majoring in the natural sciences especially will find that doing an independent study or research first will allow you to “work out all the kinks” before doing your thesis.

Log In Sign Up. A senior thesis defense must thssis held before your Thesis Director assigns a final grade. Habiba Fayyaz Intranasal orexin-A administration modulates neuronal expression within the brain stem 4: