Retrieved 10, , from https: In other words, human might probably lost control in oxygen we need. In addition to interviews with shark and conservation experts like Erich Ritter, Patrick Moore, and Rex Weyler, Sharkwater includes commentary from average beachgoers, showing how desperately fear and hate of sharks are ingrained. It will open their eyes. Shark fin Is a popular delicacy In Salsa especially China, where It Is usually served In shark fin soup weddings, business dinners, and other celebrations. From this point on, his understanding of sharks and his community with the underwater world is evident. Moreover, Rob Stewart explained the importance role of sharks.

The Sharkwater crew interviews one Chinese bride who, defying long tradition and facing cultural stigma, makes a statement by refusing to serve shark fin soup at her wedding banquet. Retrieved 10, , from https: The ignorance of human beings. Unable to swim, and bleeding to death, the shark suffers a slow and torturous death. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Over the past 30 years Sharks have lost about 90 percent of their species.

Documentary Analysis: Sharkwater Paper

Forty years ago, we held these precepts to be truth. It is estimated that more than million sharks are killed for their fins each year. Early in the film, Stewart begins to debunk some of the mystery and fear around sharks as he holds filn pets an eight foot long Caribbean reef shark exsay if it were a lapdog.

The statistic shows that sharks only bite five people in total for every year, elephants and tigers are more dangers than sharks, and they kill people each year.


Review: Sharkwater Film

It is estimated that about million sharks were killed each year for shark fin soup statistics based on Learn how analysiz comment data is processed. After its fins are cut off, the shark is thrown back into the water. Rob Stewart also pointed out the huge profits caused shark overfishing.

sharkwater film essay analysis

The ignorance of human beings. Throughout the documentary Stewart uses a series of shots to appeal to emotion as ell as Interviews that show the misunderstanding of sharks. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. All these assumptions shows that people has misunderstood shark for a long time and it actually not that harmless than we think.

Effects of Pressure and Depth May 11, The film kicks off with clips from military training videos archived from the s. The images that Stewart sets forth will awe you, and will capture your heart. Only about 25 sharks have been known to actually attack people till this day.

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The Canadian born photographer and filmmaker never held a video camera before he began the Sharkwater project — but that is not apparent when you see the film. Page 1 of 5. Stewart interviews several different Individuals ranging from individuals on the street or people associated with companies or campaigns. Home Scuba Diving Review: If sharks are extinct, the marine ecosystem damage would be damaged.

The shark Is most often still alive when It Is tossed back Into the water. Once a rare delicacy consumed by Chinese aristocracy, the dish is viewed as a symbol of status and power, and is gaining in popularity as China continues to modernize and its 1.


In other words, we should protect shark instead of expressing hostility, and individuals can more effectively to change the world than government.

Sharkwater Critical Essay – Book/Movie Report

The Illegal finding of sharks resort from the large profit It succumbs. If you contact us after hours, we’ll analysos back to you in 24 hours or less. Firstly, he uses his personal experience to well prove his opinions. Any shark is taken, regardless of size, age, or species. As a result, they successfully encouraged some countries banned shark finning.

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sharkwater film essay analysis

Ironically, when they arrive in Puntarenas, they are able to blend in — Protesters line the streets, demonstrating against shark finning and illegal shark fisheries. And there is no regulation that protects sharks so they will continue to go endangered until society does something about it.

The chasm between reality and the popular beliefs sustained and fueled by exaggerated media is still enormous.