This step is self-explanatory. But what if you want to stay at home and still receive the benefits? Day 5, Part 1 Thanks for the tip! Doing so will send you to EA Standard University instead. Forgot your username or password?

Wait, what about this mod by Nona? Search this Thread Advanced Search. So if you enrolled on Wednesday, your term will end on the following Wednesday. Note that due to EA Standard interference, you must be careful what you do while enrolled in university, otherwise the game will drop your “University Student” career abruptly. Help Mods Contribute Upload. List content tagged seperate by comma:

At the “Administration Center” rabbithole, an “Enroll in University” interaction will be available.

Mod The Sims – Is there a way to raise school performance when there’s no school?

I’ll have to think about it, only problem that i have with it is that i’m playing in a medieval world, so no buses or cars. Day 1, Part 5 This is Elliot Little: You only require the base-mod for this functionality. No, you click on sim and open the Nraas Master Controller menu. This bonus does not stack, so having more than one of these buffs will not further increase performance gain.


Homeschooling Your Child and Teenage Sims

Day 7, Part 1 This is Elliot Little: Active sims who age-up. You will require one of each type of rabbithole in your town.

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Install the DisableDereferencing package if you want to keep this mod http: How do I set up a Homeworld University? Day 8, Part 3 This is Elliot Little: Well, I can enroll in homeschool just fine, but when the child goes to download the homework, the whole game just shuts off and shuts down.

Sims 3 nraas homework, nraas storyprogression also…

One of my most popular house designs involves large academies or mansions. Now you can, using Careers base-mod. Day 1, Part 4 This is Elliot Little: You will need to scroll down the page a little in order to see the link. These also require Margaret’s University Life Rabbit Hole Rugs but are not included so you will need to download those from the link above as well. This can be found under the General heading on the Careers Interactions page.

Day 4, Part 1 This is Elliot Little: University Life Rabbit Hole Rugs. Sign in Mod The Sims.


Download Homework crashes game? – The Sims 3 Answers for PC – GameFAQs

This requires the University Expansion pack to be installed. Homswork game regards schooling and its performance as one category but Academic Uni enrollment and performance as more of a career and the two are independent of each other.

sims 3 nraas homework

Nothing bad will happen to your game. You Might Also Like. The following buffs and traits will increase school performance gain: Day 1, Part 3 This is Elliot Little: This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors.

In the sims 3 tabs infant, a notebook of is the sims 2 there are no homework cheat!

sims 3 nraas homework

And then it’s done! Forgot my store i get homework block streamlines the same answer.

Haven’t tested it without a school but most likely it will work. No Expansion packs or Sims 3 Store objects required. Teens may be enrolled in Uni at the Administration Center.