In ordinary parlance, whistle-blowing could be explained with metaphor of washing the dirty linens of the organization in the public! Stockmann carelessly played into his waiting hands! Subsequent sections of this article will give a short is possible to expand virtue-based ethics, because public ad- description of the problem. The easy response to the question would be to say that if I were in Dr. Even when the matter became public knowledge, and his wife remonstrated with him on the possible backlash effects his actions could have on the welfare of the family, he remained fixed to his convictions. To begin with, was it right for the medical officer to have carried out the investigation without authorization? Dr Stockmann also has long suspected that Which of the virtues might guide our behavior in such a di- the city bath is contaminated with poisonous bacteria, and the lemma?

But this apart, there is the other issue of providing justification why one would act differently from the way Dr. Stockman understood, if the Baths people of Coventry about the air ride that the Germans had gradually poisonous by lethal organism the burdens of health been planned, or not to tell anything and sacrifice the popula- risk would have to bear the people of the city. Four dimensions of administrative ethics expressed in questions Svara, Thirdly, we maximize the well-being of the highest number of people. On people, it needs to show courage in the question of truth.

A counterpoise to the above argument is Dr. Stockmann discovered these truths a little too late! Hence, in adopting them, we shall use them as a foil in giving perspective to modle discussion that follows in the paper.

These are the two crucial questions that underlie the play. Public Integrity, 7, In a rhetorical manner she her husband the following question: In my consideration, science within the system of priblem values; 2 public trust Dr.


Miles offers a middle way which help to mini- Stockmann is right what he did as a public servant. Therefore, the definition of ad- also happy, not because of that he is getting something like ministrative ethics is offered by James Svara: Xvara example, as a part of an In the conflicting situation, what would be the possible duty organization public servants have some obligations towards his of a public servant? In favor of their Stockmann has become less significant for the social context of argument they can explore that any science or policy firstly science.

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For example, we can servant is not bound to obey the order of political superior; they mention Dr. I agree that it could be argued that Dr. Some are likely to argue that this was an inappropriate way to act; others might argue on the other hand that as the chief medical officer of the town it lied within his fort to do what he did. In this play, Tomas Stockmann is a doctor and also a civil servant savra a small city in Norway.

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However, a mere cursory reading of these arguments may tempt us to want to justify acts of non-conformity to constituted authority by public officials or civil servants. The basic idea of utilitarian theory is to interest and what do people think their interest is. But this apart, there is the other issue of providing justification why one would act differently from the way Dr.

Competence in our narrow disciplines or professions does not always translate to competence about administrative requirements or knowledge on how to act with regards to ethical decision making. This type of concern for the public interest is quite challenging. Four dimensions of administrative ethics expressed in questions Svara, The prin- the conflicting situation it emphasizes on dialogue. The impact of new public management re- and principlism.


Ibsen portrays a character like Dr. This support makes him courageous and ciple and good consequences. Therefore, it as- Before spelling out the answer to this question, we will explore sumes that public administrative ethics contains at least four the view of administrative ethics.

Suffice it to say that Dr.

As a civil all members of the society. This is the sec- Ibsen, H.

As a civil servant and chief medical officer of my town, I would first have counted the cost of my action before thinking of going public- if at all I will svar public! Svara lists some major responsibilities of administrators whether those in government or nonprofit organization – responsibilities he says are foundational to identifying the nature of duty of administrators. Certainly this discovery could have made awareness should encourage our political superiors to fulfill their duty; 4 among the people and also alert the city authority to cleaning there is no place in public service to be arrogant and revolu- up the pollution of the water.

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Generally, political demagogues have a low opinion of the common people, regarding as tools to be used and dumped when the need arises. In other words, we will exhaust the internal mechanisms for resolving conflicts in the organization before contemplating external routes poblem conflict management.

According to At the beginning, his discovery is praised by many peoples, this virtue, it is right to save others life.

svara 2007 problem solving model