The film begins by focusing on a new up and coming airline called Song, a sub-siduary of Delta Air Lines. Advertising aspirations towards becoming the wallpaper of our world are desirable for business. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Every thing is done to break through the clutter. Song is not just a company but an attitude. Focus Groups — Simultaneous personal interview of a small group of individuals, which relies on group discussion about a certain topic. This can be done by targeting people individually through a process called narrowcasting.

Marketers are targeting consumers in a way that tries to get consumers to have emotional experiences tied to products. Their attitude was not only a representation of what their product was, but their attitude was the product as well. Every thing is done to break through the clutter. Brands become an invitation into a whole new lifestyle. From the advertisers standpoint it is important to create a culture around the product because the essence of a culture is that the consumer believes it is real. A profile of Republican political strategist, Frank Luntz, asks whether changing language according to focus group preferences clarifies or clouds the issues. The second part of “The Persuaders” looks at how these new marketing techniques are being applied to politics.

Not limiting your product scope.

They noticed that women were going unnoticed in the airline business. Narrowcasting has become popular because it allows a marketer to send a personalized message to an individual, and to tailor that message directly to that person. For instance, estate tax changed to death tax.

“The Persuaders” Report on documentary for marketing class Essay

Each of these items associates with strong emotions. One of the ways to break through the clutter in advertising is to create meaning through emotional or spiritual branding. Global warming becomes climate change.


the persuaders pbs essay

Data companies such as Axciom, have compiled information through the use of credit cards and personal interviews from mailings, and they have learned what people like what.

The utilization of creating an attitude that mirrored the attitude that the consumer wanted in a product was not just appropriate, ezsay genius.

the persuaders pbs essay

The film talks about product placement. This can be done by targeting people individually through a process called narrowcasting. More of than not they are brands associated with a certain lifestyle or passion: Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! In this documentary, PBS uncovers the evolution of marketing. This kind of idea projecting keeps the scope of a products use broad, and allows consumers to not narrowly define a product, but to expand it further, and to allow them to attach its use to emotion.

He has been working with the Republican Party for pbd, to help them phrase issues in the right way. Once advertisement truly becomes indistinguishable from culture, business as well as the consumer will have reached a new age of understanding.

The featured lesson builds on this issue by asking students to examine historical legislation through the lens of persuaxers marketing.

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They are looking to transcend through spiritual meaning. Emotional Branding — Generating an emotional response from a product that you can associate a favorable experience with.


ProductDocumentary If they can make it seamless, like it belongs there, then it will work. Faith Rogow, Insighters Educational Consulting. Apple does not produce any of its products, yet consumers extend extreme affection towards most of its products. Focus groups have helped Frank Luntz, marketing theorist, discover how to crack the consumer code. Because of the disappearance of a traditional culture, and certainly in the interests of the advertiser, the unrealized deeper instincts are increasingly catered for by the advertisements, and finally — by the products.

Students will consider and in some cases re-name landmark laws or policies. Click to learn more https: The Persuaders Douglas Rushkoff. Advertising Code of Pfrsuaders Students will consider the responsibilities of an advertiser in a democratic society and develop a code of ethics for sponsors and creators of advertising.

the persuaders pbs essay

This type of word association changes the connotation of something and can make anything sound reasonable.

Song is not just a company but an attitude. This can be done through personal mail adverting, cell-phone ads, and through email and internet sites. It can help students deepen their understanding of the meaning ;ersuaders of democracy as wells as key events in U. The right name makes the policy sell better.