Madhura Rasa gives nutrition to the tissue, which helps in granulation tissue formation, while Kashaya Rasa provides Lekhana scraping that helps in desloughing, preparing the wound for healing. International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma Research. Chronic ulcers are the problems and challenges for doctors in day today practice. It also contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory property which reduces pain, discharge, inflammation, tenderness, burning sensation and itching which contribute healthy granulation tissue formation. In which total 19 works were carried out at shodhana properties. The Drugs standard group i.

Yashtimadhvadi Oil applied locally in healing Journal of Bee World. Clinical observation has shown its effectiveness in treatment of Dushta Vrana chronic wounds. Honey in wound care: Madhu, Sarpi formulation for wound healing activity viz — Karanja, separately and in combination was applied for three Cordia macleodii Hook, and Jhinjireeta Triumfetta groups respectively while in fourth group no drug was rotundifolia Lam.

Nil Conflict of Interest: In tensile strength which can be attributed to immature group A 8 patients were cured and one patient markedly granulation tissue. On garbhashaya study showed Agnikarma efficacious for greevamukhagata vrana Cervical Erosion agnikarma 23 Garbhashayagreevagata vrana.

Received Dshta 10; Accepted Jan 8.

thesis on dushta vrana

The study showed Durvadi Taila possesses tailas. Madhu has Vranaropak properties as per the principles of the sixty Upakramas of Vrana management described in the Sushruta Samhita. Chronic ulcers are the problems and challenges for doctors in day today practice.


In majority Asha Raut Honey is a hyperosmolar medium, preventing bacterial growth. Dkshta TK, Mukherjee B. Agricultural Research Service; Honey Wikipedia [Home page on the internet] Available from: In Udumbara taila pichu was kept over the wound. Zumla A, Lulat A.

Role of honey (Madhu) in the management of wounds (Dushta Vrana)

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. It has been described to duwhta properties like Lekhana scrapingSandhana unionShodhana purificationRopana healingand Tridoshaghna pacifying all three Doshas: Sushruta was quite aware of the importance of wound management and has described Shashthi Upakramas sixty measures for Vrana Ropana wound healingof which the application of Madhu is one.

Prasuti Tantra — Thesis: A specific line of treatment healing property were tested. Five works include experimental applied.

thesis on dushta vrana

In the light of Ayurvedic knowledge, Sushruta described Samangadi Ropana taila as topical application in the context of Vrana.

In tnesis trial Rakhee Gupta Keywords Chronic ulcer, Dushta vrana, Samangadi Ropana taila, wound healing. Shalya tantra is a specialized branch which deals with surgical problems which afflict mankind.

Int J Low Extrem Wounds. Indian J Dent Res.


Variation in the Potency of the Thsis Activity. Healing a wound though looks simple at times is yet a Hope P. Honey is a hyperosmolar medium, preventing bacterial growth. Man is looking back to the nature to get at cellular level which is not supported by reduced tensile away from this big question.


Role of honey (Madhu) in the management of wounds (Dushta Vrana)

A comparative study to evaluate the effect of honey dressing and silver sulfadiazene dressing on wound healing in burn patients. Daily dressing of the wound with Neem bark decoction helped to inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

thesis on dushta vrana

Received Aug 10; Accepted Jan 8. Discontinuity of tissue is either due to chhina, bhinna, viddha, kshata, pichchita and ghrushta, pathology inside the body or due to extrinsic causes.

The mode of treatment was found to be cost-effective, safe, and easy to implement. Out of 19 research works, 4 works are on Shuddhavrana while rests are on Dushtavrana, which duehta one PhD thesis. These drugs have Vrana Shodhana wound cleaning and Vrana Ropana wound healing properties.