This was used in the profile of the Teacher-respondents to determine their performance when grouped according to their gender and position, as well as in the profile of the student-respondents to determine their academic achievements when grouped according to their gender and year level. Reliable and valid information on student learning helps to align the evaluation process with the fundamental concerns of schooling. Too often, personal opinions or biases contaminate the evaluation process and undermine the credibility and trust necessary for meaningful dialogue about instruction. Majority of the Mathematics teachers which consist of 38 out of 43 or Marline Alfante, for providing the references that were essential to this study; Finally, to Marasigan-Tesorio Family, Arendayen-Sanico Family, Divinagracia-Oximas Family, Villadelrey-Limboc Family and Forcado- Estopace Family for providing the financial needs, and prayers that kept the researchers strengthened while doing this research.

However, only one 1 or 2. By that, the researchers considered monitoring the performance of the teachers through their accomplished IPCRF, and its relationship on the academic achievement of the students. This would assist in solving the problem of poor academic achievement of public secondary school students and improving widely acclaimed fallen standards of education. It means that the rating of the mathematics teacher may depend on the position they are currently in. The context of teaching is important and may affect the impact of the teacher attributes considered in this analysis. December 20, Place of Birth:

Berends, Fullan, as cited in Coronacion, Barangay 1, Nasugbu, Batangas airalimboc yahoo. Based on the table, Female students did better in Mathematics than Males with a mean of The Basic of Research Methodology. Remember me on this computer.


Their low achievers responses to the questionnaire reveal that they are too dependent on their textbooks, thus fail to explore other possibilities to make chemistry concepts more interesting to students. Too often, personal opinions or biases contaminate the evaluation process and undermine the credibility and trust necessary for meaningful dialogue about instruction.

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Although they are the objects of criticism, they are well looked up as the best hope for reforms. He also found out that the teachers with higher educational attainment were rated higher in their performance than those with lower educational attainment. It was already tested for as means of appraising the performance of teachers, and was developed by Test Development Experts in DepEd, wherein validity codd reliability analysis were also established.

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A team approach to performance management d. By Leah Mae Medina. And the latter year level got the highest mean.

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Recto Hall, Main Bldg. Skip to main content. As of the profile of the students, Grade VII has the lowest percentage of Regardless of the gender, a teacher can perform with high satisfaction. It can be mentally, emotionally and physically draining, to the point that it can even break you down. January 23, – MATH: This means that teachers demonstrated high proficiency fhesis in teaching. Inthe school had 43 Mathematics teachers for the population of students.

Portions of this manuscript may be reproduced with proper referencing and due acknowledgment of the author. Foreign Studies Wilson, cofd al.


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As to the profile of the teachers and the students, female dominates the population. Descriptive-correlational research involves collection of a quantitative information that can be tabulated along a continuum numerical form, such as scores on a tasks or the number of times a person chooses to use a certain feature.

Thus, there is a significant difference between the Academic achievements of students when they are grouped according to year level.

As this study focused on the relationship of the variables, the one way arrow shows the connection of the variables that may be found. Mesa, Manila, for being very accommodating and approachable, and for extending her support to the researchers.

Home Forum Groups Members. From the findings, it has been concluded that majority of tuesis teachers and students were female. In a population of 43 Mathematics Teacher, more than half of the population, or Portions of this manuscript may be reproduced with proper referencing hhesis due acknowledgment of the author.

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This implies that teachers satisfied with their job is also a productive one. Office Performance Lup and Review Form OPCRF – refers to the form that shall reflect the office commitments and performance, which shall be accomplished by the head of the office. Skip to main content. Be consistent and fair.