Organisation, Governance and Corporate Management 1. Please refer to your enrolling unit for more information. Your method remains appropriate for realising your project. It will establish the research objective and pose the formal hypotheses if these are relevant. Friday, October 5, The Chairs may come from the units in which you are located. The third and final milestone is the thesis review.

Readers are an essential part of the review panel and Milestone process. Milestone requirements vary by enrolling unit, but at a minimum usually involve a written report and presentation. Is there a clear timeline to completion? Meet with the review committee and your advisory team to discuss any issues. The Confirmation Review Interview Interviews should take place immediately after the oral presentations i. Things to consider when reading a Thesis Review Milestone document: If you submit an Attainment of milestone request without first completing the Research Integrity Module and registering your ORCiD, approval of your milestone will be delayed until you complete these tasks.

The review committee will make a recommendation whether candidature should be confirmed. Purpose and Objectives These procedures outline the UQ-wide processes and timeframes followed at each milestone: Each milestone interaction will be appropriately recorded, with the record kept by the enrolling AOU.

4.60.05 Higher Degree by Research Candidature Progression

During this time, please follow up on any issues raised by either the candidate or the advisors in the S1 and S2 forms that you received earlier please respect the confidentiality of any comments made, particularly those that could be taken in a negative context. Civil Engineering Milestone Guidelines As part of your candidature, you will need to complete three milestones before you submit your thesis: Is the thesis convincingly written? Confirmation The first milestone is confirmation. UQ is mindful of the nature and importance of its research training partnerships.


How did the focus of your research change over time? Teaching and Learning 3.

Candidature management portal guides Changing your candidature Milestones and extensions Take leave or interrupt my candidature Withdrawing from my HDR program. Workplace Health and Safety 2. As a Higher Degree by Research HDR student, you will undertake 3 performance-appraisals in the course of your research thesis.

Therefore you get two chances to attain each of your milestones. If your milestone has been approved, please ensure the completed S3 is attached as evidence of completion. Your method remains appropriate for realising your project.

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Agreement to combine these milestones must be discussed with the candidate at confirmation. Skip to menu Skip to content Skip to footer. The usual timeframe for milestones are as follows:.

HDR Milestones – School of Civil Engineering – The University of Queensland, Australia

Is there a clear hypothesis and rationale for the study? PhD – Doctor of Philosophy.

Afterwards you will have an interview of at least 15 minutes. Mikestone committee will provide verbal feedback on the day, and will also provide written feedback using the milestone specific S3 form.


Research and Research Training 4. Send the completed S2 directly to hdr. The Mid-candidature Review Seminar: How do your results confirm or contradict the consensus in your field of research?

Thesis Review Milestone – School of Chemical Engineering – The University of Queensland, Australia

However, each milestone is assessed on written and oral work by the candidate as well as an interview. In assessing the Graduate attributes, you will be given a score out of The candidate should provide additional explanation of points identified by the readers or any other problems identified within a time frame set by the review committee.

thesis review milestone uq

This approach aims to: Remember to upload your milestone report and completed evaluation form with your request. Manage Compliance of Prohibited and Restricted 2.

Milestones for HDR Students

Your project has logically developed since your mid-candidature review. Site search Search Menu. Critical up-to-date review, which should demonstrate a good knowledge of the field and identify thsis gaps. Information and Communication Technology 6.