Construction of the Instrument After some readings of related studies and literature, the researchers planned and framed the topic problems for this research together with the conceptual framework and the statement of the problem. Lectures permit maximum teacher control. Children experience the world through movement and senses use five senses to explore the world. Software design usually involved problem solving and planning a software solution. Statement of the Problems The general problem of the study is: The research descriptive method used in determining the problems of the existing system of Health and Wellness Department Under the descriptive method there are three possible ways to gather data. The test plan of the developed system includes the part of system tested, purpose, expected result, and actual result.

To provide chat box to all clinic of all OLFU campuses. It tries to describe the situations from which the status of any kind of phenomena being studied may be learned and whenever possible to formulate valid conclusions from the data gathered. Data Gathering Procedure The proponent prepared a permission letter to the University and to the school physician of Health and Wellness Department to gather information about the medical services of the students. The system does not include the files of the doctors, nurses and staff. Local Area Network or LAN is a computer network covering a small geographic area, like a home, office, or group of buildings.

Olcu It could adapt to different specified environments without applying other actions or means that those provided for this Portability purpose for the software considered. Recently, several changes in educational thinking have greatly affected the manner in which science curriculum is presented in today’s schools.

The Life Skills refer to effective communication skills, critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving and decision-making. After all, what curriculum is without imperfection?

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The researchers read articles, previous study, thesis, and books in the library related to the study. Explaining the relationship of the lecture content to professional career interests, the real world, etc. Teacher-training institutions can try the distance learning mode olcu delivering instruction. The researchers believed that this number of respondents is enough to assess the validity and reliability of the study.


The test plan of the developed olffu includes the part of system tested, purpose of that modules, expected result of the modules, and actual result of the modules.

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If staff nurse has already registered on the systemthese are the modules: The word andragogy was coined by a German high school teacher who used different strategies in teaching adults. This health services includes the consultations, medical referral, medical certificates and medical history registration. The proponent observed the good and poor health services of the staff nurses to the student, d Evaluation. However, Constructivism is often associated with pedagogic approaches that promote active learning, or learning by doing.

Only the administrator has the right to add a user.

thess In the part of the student, it was time consuming in finding the consultation records manually by the staff nurse. Overall, the respondents evaluated the system as very acceptable with a mean rating of 3.

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And this module has a limitation base on the theais of user accounts. In like manner, the delivery of the teacher-education curriculum does not confine itself to the classroom but extends the learning environment off-campus and encourages institutions to explore alternative sajple systems, especially through the use of Information Communication Technology or ICT.

It tries to describe the situations from which the status of any kind of phenomena being studied may be learned and whenever possible to formulate valid conclusions from the data gathered. Relevant Theories The present study is conceptualized based on competency, leadership styles and emotional quotient theories.


Prenza I Marilao, Bulacan Contact nos. It is only concerned with the files of the patients who have the present and previous transactions in the clinic. Using the consultation form is time consuming especially in finding the medical records of one thesiz to another.

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Population and Sample of the Study A well-defined collection of individuals or objects known to have similar characteristics. It used by all of the hospitals. Such theories reduce the mental effort, and the amount of experimentation needed to design a product.

Based on the outcomes of these techniques, the proponent used the analytical tool for generating the data. The implementation was the realization of the application of a developed system.

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The proponent prepared a statistical survey questions to the respondents students in different courses of Our Lady of Fatima University, and c Observation. The Journal Information Systems publishes articles concerning the design and implementation of languages, data models, process models, algorithms, software and hardware for information systems. On the other hand, they will learn on the responses of the respondents so that they could teach in a different approach to further enhance the learning of their students.

New Delhi Blumenthal, D. The proponent used a direct verbal interaction with the respondents clinic staffs to determine the main problems of the manual procedure of health services to the students, b Survey.

Build in plenty of examples to explain each concept and relate new ideas to previously covered ones.