Here’s a timeline for HB honors for the current semester. February 22 Registration opened for honors symposia and poster session. Traditionally, the thesis is written in the format of a research paper with Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results including tables and figures , Discussion, and References. Your thesis should include significant background and references so that any professor, postdoctoral fellow, graduate student, or advanced undergraduate from any MCB division, can understand the motivation for and significance of your work. You can calculate your major GPA here. After deciding on a logical order for your figures, you will be able to write the Results section. The total poster should fit into a 3-foot by 4-foot space.

We will round the GPA to the hundredths place, for example, 3. A hypothesis is a suggested explanation for a phenomenon — it is experimentally testable and allows one to predict outcomes of experiments. He was also a pioneer in the role of hormones in lipid metabolism which influences arteriosclerosis. If your application for the symposium is not selected, you are then expected to present at the poster session. Tin II, Gary L. In the first case, a student would not be able to participate in the honors program. After deciding on a logical order for your figures, you will be able to write the Results section.

How well is the data presented?

uc berkeley mcb honors thesis

A one-paragraph overview of the entire poster topic. The award is given to the top graduating senior in the Neurobiology emphasis of the MCB major for high academic achievement and excellence of research in an honors project. Skip to main content.

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Students may receive academic credit for their work by enrolling in an independent study course: You find results that were not predicted. After writing the Results section, it will be much easier to see how to discuss your results.


uc berkeley mcb honors thesis

Data should be displayed in graphs or tables that are easy to read and clearly labeled. Please note that Clara will be unavailable from There are a variety of ways to support your research. To share Job, Research, or Internship opportunities, please use the online posting form.

You are expected to be able to present a clear and concise minute summary of your research for your audience so that they are able to get a snapshot of your endeavors. When experimental results are consistent with the hypothesis, they increase the probability that the hypothesis is valid. To share Job, Research, or Ic opportunities, please use the online posting form.

It should be a dialogue. Find out if either your PI or MCB faculty sponsor are planning to travel at the end of the semester and factor that into your planning.

Please be aware of relevant deadlines and feel free to ask questions along the way. MCB Honors and Academic Misconduct “Any declared MCB student who is shown to have cheated in coursework or in laboratory research will not be allowed to enroll in the department honors program or graduate with departmental honors.

Hnors approach assumes that your hypothesis is already well developed and has guided your experiments. The Jeffery Allan Winer Memorial award supports outstanding undergraduate research and scholarship in the field of Neurobiology.

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A thesis usually describes hypothesis-based research. You ask and answer open-ended questions. Bonors thesis clearly addresses any nuances and complexity, but stays on track, without straying unnecessarily from the main point.

Details on each award appear below and a document outlining the nomination and selection process can be found here. It should be clear that the author has critically and thoroughly analyzed the data, as well as the work of others. Student Services Mission Statement We partner with faculty, staff, and students to create an inclusive academic community that offers holistic advising and innovative services to support educational success. Faculty select presenters based upon a review of your abstract and your GPA.

uc berkeley mcb honors thesis

This can include diagrams or pictures presenting techniques or outlining experimental design. March 7, 4pm Application deadline for symposium and poster session.

Honors H196A Program Checklist

Skip to main content. Science is a way to figure things out, so doing research will aid you in other aspects of your life. MCB faculty have all seen page theses that would have been much improved in a shorter format, as well as page theses that were underdeveloped. Provide your MCB faculty sponsor with a short summary of your project, pages in length outlining the goal of your research, the proposed experiments to test your hypotheses, your progress to date, and your future plans.