These skills will help you communicate with your lecturers and peers on your course, as well as juggling your coursework and exams. Structure your personal statement to best show off your examples There is no one set way to structure your personal statement. Does your personal statement include everything? Our guide covers what to write, how long it should be and more. Read our article on what to include in your personal statement for more help on what to write about. When interviews are not held, admissions tutors the people who decide on the applicants that the University accepts to study with them rely on the information you provide in your statement when making their decision. Join our mailing list to receive monthly newsletters from our TARGETcareers and Inspiring Futures teams to help you support your school leavers in their career and university decision making.

Find a course Search, shortlist and compare thousands of courses to find that perfect one. CEIAG for teachers and careers advisers. Skip to main content Skip to section menu. Mention any positions of responsibility, evidence of self-motivation and any hurdles overcome and use these to demonstrate your character and your strengths. Grammar and spelling crimes can result in rejection, especially if you’re applying to a very competitive course. It’s a waste of those precious 4, characters you’ve got to play with.

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As a senior admissions tutor once put it, ‘we have a waffle detector gland’. For example, for a creative writing course you could mention your blog or the poetry competition in which you were shortlisted for a prize.

10 more things NOT to put in your Ucas personal statement

Your name or email address: Skip to main content Skip to section menu. It’s difficult not to perceive your personal statement as a scary obstaclebut admissions tutors want you to view it as an opportunity to show your enthusiasm for the subject along with other statfment that really make you stand out as a prospective university student.


Good skills to highlight include independence, time management and organisation. CEIAG for teachers and careers advisers. Have you read our original ’10 things not to include’ guide?

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The maximum size of your UCAS personal statement is 47 lines — approximately words, size 12 font. Enthusiasm ‘Most of all we want people who are enthusiastic about the course’. How has doing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Award made you a better leader?

This is a useful guideline. What is the activity, what skills and qualities have come from it and how does it relate to the course? Long sentences Keep it concise.

When you’re writing your UCAS personal statement for university you should explain why you want to study that subject and give specific reasons for your interest in the course.

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On the other hand, for subjects like law, psychology or engineering, where having relevant experience is useful but not essential, maybe think about other ways that you’ve observed or engaged with the subject or demonstrated relevant skills – in your wider reading, hobbies, personal life or part-time job.

How should you end your personal statement? Personal statement examples — how to write a personal statement Personal statement examples to help guide you when writing yours. Basic personal statement structure tips Use paragraphs.

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But at the same time, universities will know that you have few characters on UCAS to play with. From talking about hobbies to finishing with a bang, see examples of effective personal statements.


10 more things NOT to put in your Ucas personal statement – Which?

If your argument flows naturally and follows a logical order, this will impress admissions tutors and show them that you will do well on their course. Ending on a positive note Make the linw short and sharp, choosing your key message carefully and conveying it concisely. Our original 10 personal statements don’ts article was so popular that we’re back with a fresh set of things to avoid when writing your Ucas personal statement.

This will make your personal statement easier for the admissions tutor to read than one large block of writing.

ucas personal statement line spacing

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I haven’t simply because of all the stuff i need to fit in gap year plans aswell as the usualit does look less firendly but will it make a huge diffrence if the content is still there? Register today Sign up to access to use your dashboard and receive extra advice in your inbox Sign up. Find a course Search, shortlist and compare thousands of courses to find that perfect one. They are looking for motivation and potential and expect the statement to relate to your choice of course.

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