Be sure you have submitted an up-to-date Initial Information Document. The important process milestones for completing an Honors thesis are as follows see the Timeline for specific dates:. These projects are expected to nurture connected learning and scholarship in the distinctive Catholic and Marianist spirit by emphasizing the value of collaborative research, the pursuit of social justice, and leadership and service in the community. Second Advisor Last Name if applicable. Oversees the project from its inception Decides what threshold the student must meet Provides feedback until the project is completed Provides interim progress reports to the UHP Grades the completed project noting that a grade of “B” or better on the six credit hours associated with the project is necessary to complete the Honor Program diploma option Exceptions: On those days, getting a single paragraph written is laudable.

There are practical ways to tackle big questions, and you want to be a part of that. If a student decides to discontinue the thesis project prior to its completion or, in rare cases in which the student is not making satisfactory progress towards the completion of the thesis, the student must formally withdraw from the thesis by contacting the thesis mentor and the University Honors Program. Complete the required Junior Honors Workshop podcast by September April 20 Thesis manuscripts are due if no printed copies are requested. Participate in professional development workshops and activities.

Thesis Credit Information Thesis credit hours may or may not apply towards fulfilling major degree requirements. Some faculty will expect you to get involved in an ongoing project and join their current research teams.

udayton thesis proposal

Your primary propoal is moving forward on your thesis research. If a grade is not merited, the University Honors Program will contact the Registrar and request removal of the thesis courses from the student’s transcript.


If a software program other than Word is required by the advisor or discipline standards, please make sure you follow the general style of the templates provided, then submit a print-quality PDF.

Welcome to the UHP. Research Information Please summarize in words your research project.

udayton thesis proposal

Does the Timeline V indicate achievable milestones? This one can be tricky, because many fifth-semester students don’t know a significant number of faculty from their own departments yet.

Thesis Manuscript Templates

Honors Thesis Timeline The following dates reflect the typical timeline for a student completing an Honors thesis. There will be days when you love your Honors thesis mentor. Patrick Palermo, the original director of the University Honors Program, and the students with whom he founded the program. In addition to discussing the shared background of the thesis mentor and student, and the student’s academic prowess, the letter should also address appropriateness of the budget request, and the tangible support the mentor can provide including space, supplies, equipment, and access to contacts necessary for the completion of the research.

Thesis Intent Document : University of Dayton, Ohio

Projects receiving funding must involve one or more of the following:. As far as the UHP is concerned, this is fine. The proplsal of contact does not have an active role in the oversight of the project and does not set the expectations for content or completion. This information formally enters you into the University Honors Program thesis database and provides the names of those with whom we will follow up in regard to your thesis topic and progress.

For example, an Honors thesis mentor could proposla a UD staff member; an expert from tgesis college, university or research lab; or a mentor from a community or service organization. There will be days when you love your thesis research. The Honors thesis mentor performs the following roles: If both the author and advisor s do not want printed copiesthe digital documents should be delivered by email or a flash drive for downloading no later than April Many programs have great team-based capstone experiences.


These templates will also make putting a thesis into print easier and more efficient so that a student’s time is spent on the important work of content rather than style. Provide guidance and critical review of the original manuscript or literature review that the student will prepare for proposao in the Proceedings of the Berry Summer Thesis Institute.

While questionnaires are commonly proposwl, they are often not well designed.

Honors Thesis FAQs : University of Dayton, Ohio

Scholarship tends to be presented, depending on the discipline, via some combination of the following: All students should jdayton on the distinctiveness of their academic portfolios. To graduate with an Honors Program diploma submit a digital copy of all Word documents of the student’s thesis to the University Honors Program Office Coordinator.

Fourth semester sophomore Honors student in good standing, with a cumulative 3. There may be circumstances when a student has a Thesis Mentor who is not a UD faculty member. What are some recommended preliminary actions?

Berry Summer Thesis Institute. Learn how to design quality questionnaires. Will my research be independent enough to constitute a thesis? Thesis Proposal Sample 2: