Easily fixed issues will be solved immediately if they are essential to the service and in accordance with the operating policy. Custos represents the University at the public examination. From now on the abstract of the student’s thesis is considered as the maturity test. You can use LaTex to write your thesis, and use a template to have the basic formatting. After your faculty has given you permission to defend the dissertation, you may publish it.

ISBN numbers identify books. For more information about the electronic publishing of dissertations, please see the UEF Electronic Publications service. Examination and acceptance of licentiate thesis Application on the submission of a licentiate thesis for examination and proposal for examiners available only in Finnish When the examiners have submitted their statements, they are sent to the student for information purposes. Examiners have four weeks to prepare their statement. Assistance in how to create this file is available from Oppari. Editor’s name , Publisher, year of publication, start page – end page.

The thesis submission form is available here. The first meeting s take place from September to December. In scientific writing, the structure and style of the text affect readability and comprehensibility of the message.

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The first meeting focuses on choosing and discussing the topic for the thesis. You should also be careful not to write about something that you are unfamiliar with or have not checked from your source material. A part of scientific presentation is the use of references. Research How to apply? Each chapter but not section templats a new page.


For students majoring in Natural Resources GovernanceTurnitin can be thessi in the respective Master’s thesis seminar Moodle page. MSc thesis template dot. The email will have a link to the form.

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The doctoral candidate shall have prints of the dissertation as follows: Pre-story before my defense. The editor gives further instructions on, e.

uef thesis template

After completing the studies and theses required for the doctoral degree, tempate student applies to the faculty for a doctoral degree certificate with a certificate application form. The subjects are from the topic area of your thesis, and there are two aims for the maturity exam: Person, nature of communication, year.

Master’s thesis guidelines

The printing instructions for the doctoral dissertations of the Forest Sciences are at the website of the Doctoral Programme in Forests and Bioresources. The Master’s thesis is a student’s individual but guided research project in written format. The master’s thesis is submitted for formal evaluation thesie online submission form. After receiving the publication permission, the student signs a publication contract with the editor-in-chief.

Students of Natural Resources Governance: After the seminar, the students submit the final thesis for evaluation.

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Assistance in how to create this file is available from Oppari. Appointment of opponent and custos The Dean appoints the opponent and the custos. urf


Aptitudes and Instructional Methods: Once the licentiate thesis has passed the plagiarism detection, the student submits the thesis to the faculty to be examined. After the Dean has appointed the opponent and the custos, the doctoral candidate contacts the editor-in-chief or a deputy editor of the publication series of the Faculty of Science and Forestry in order to get permission to publish the dissertation see separate instructions for dissertations in the Forestry field below.

Then a logical and comprehensive presentation is essential. Contact the programme secretary thesos the application process. The Faculty sends the decision for the information of the doctoral candidate, the main supervisor of the doctoral dissertation, and to the Head of Department or School of the doctoral templahe by email.

The symbols and formulas must be understood as parts of the sentence, taking this into account in language structures and punctuation. The editor-in-chief gives printing permission. Always follow the instructions of your home department.

uef thesis template

The registration for the thesis seminar is once a year, in the autumn semester. Communications of the ACM32 1: