Student with a GPA of 3. It is strongly recommended that the student complete up to 6 credits of in their area of specialization. The undergraduate coordinator will review the thesis and submit a recommendation for approval or disapproval to the Biology Major Executive Committee. Biology majors who are submitting an Honors thesis for High or Highest Honors designations must submit an Honors Theses Submission Form along with their thesis. Graciela Lorca and to the college dean Matthew Brannan.

Studio, graphic design and art education candidates are expected to work with their thesis advisor to determine appropriate content for their honors thesis submission. Research credit hour requirement may be waived for students who have completed equivalent research hours as a volunteer. If you are an author you will have prepare an original manuscript communicating your individual research results in the format outlined below. In the fall semester, student must pass the History Honors Seminar: Student must earn a 3. Independent research in agricultural and life sciences leading to an honors thesis. Student must complete six credits of CHM and write a thesis.

Graduating With Honors

It is possible that a student may complete a thesis and not receive a magna or summa cum laude designation. The final form signed by your research mentor, and your department reviewer is then submitted to the Academic Advising office in room Firsthand, authentic research in agricultural and life sciences under faculty supervision. The student, in consultation with the director, must secure primary and secondary faculty supervisors associated with the major one from CLAS.

Students registered with the Disability Resource Center may be allowed to vary the number of credits required, but not the GPA requirement, following certification by the DRC.


Music majors must submit a creative or research project under the guidance of a music faculty member.

A one-page proposal is required and both the student and mentor must sign the form. He will make a copy of your thesis submission form with signatures.

Thu, 1 Feb Music education majors must complete the project prior to student teaching.

uf cals honors thesis

Student must complete and defend a thesis. Distinction of magna or summa cum laude is based on faculty committee evaluation of the thesis. Successful completion of HSC and including research poster presentation and thesis, or SPA including thesis and depending on BHS major, and no student conduct or honor code violations.

Art history candidates must submit a research paper. A Department of the University of Florida. The university offers three levels of honors: Distinction of magna or summa cum laude is based on faculty evaluation nonors the thesis. If you are in the fall or spring semester of your senior year, you are required to bring your Thesis Project Approval Form signed by your research mentor and containing an abstract of your thesis research project to this meeting.

A hard copy of the final thesis is no longer required for the department. Graduating with Honors The university offers three levels of honors: You must submit an approved final report please see below before the substitution is done.

Once your research thesis plan has been approved, you must write tnesis thesis and have it approved by 1 your thesis research mentor, and 2 the departmental honors thesis reviewer.


Handwritten forms are not accepted! Art history candidates must submit a research paper. Students will appear on their college’s Dean’s List if they meet the requirements. Skip to main content.

uf cals honors thesis

The academic advisor will also contact your College to report to them your final thesis designation. Students in the Honors Program have access to specialized honors courseshousing in the Honors Residential College at Hume Hallholistic academic advising and coachingand honors student involvement opportunitiesin addition to early course registration for their first 10 credits each semester through the junior year. Student must complete a thesis, which may be written for independent study credit in the primary supervisor’s department but not for cluster credit.

Once you max out at 06 credits, you may continue to register for 0 credit hours.

Honors Program – University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

The undergraduate coordinator, in consultation with that committee, will determine the distinction yonors. Then, in the spring semester, student must enroll in HIS Students who complete these requirements will move automatically into University Honors for the remainder of their time at UF.

You department requires an electronic copy for their department file.

Student must complete six credits of CHM and write a thesis. Students should check with an academic adviser for complete details.