This frightens me because I love to shop and I love to spend money. Completion of the Health Sciences courses does not automatically guarantee a seat in the Nursing program. Competency with basic computer skills is essential. Jan 25, by chma. It seems like for the Sept class they got invites to the info session around mid-end of March! Students who are taking a full course load will not have time to work either full-time or part-time. Jan 24, by chma.

I hope we will find out soon! The letters were sent out on may 4th, while I was in mexico with three of my girlfriends. Upon admission to the program applicants will be provided with registration information. Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Sep 20, by sherisegl Visitors; 3 Posts. Leaving high school in June of I had no idea what I wanted to do.

Each program student will receive a UFV Nursing Program Student Guidelines and Policies manual, which further explains the program’s continuance requirements and policies. Graduates will be eligible to write the registration examinations. Is this everyones first time applying?

Nursing at UFV.

I have completed my application for Fall BSN intake and I thought that I would start a thread for open discussions, what marks everyone is applying with, concerns and such. The degree prepares graduates for employment in a variety of health care settings. My mom works in a care home and was talking with a girl who had just finished her first year, she asked “so, how was it?!

I was accepted into the winter intake for UFVs nursing program, so I know how nerve wracking this process can be!! So there will be three essay type questions basically critical thinking and you will be given 45 minutes to answer it.


I hadn’t taken any science courses and skimmed by in my math class. The qhestions experiences include hospitals and community agencies with supervised practica, preceptorships, and observational experiences.

UFV January Applicants – Page 2 – Nursing Programs – allnurses

Most of the students apply with 2a and 2b, but when I went to the orientation last intake, the lady said that students with points 14,16 will definitely get an interview and who has 12 points probably not, depends on the number of applications. Edited Sep 21, by Healthiswealthh error. Additional textbooks will be required throughout the program. Health questionnaire forms will be included with the letter of esssy regarding an information session.

I figured that with my mothers battle with cancer and loss of her eye due to cancer, I could handle blood and yucky bodily fluids no problem, and that by doing my fair share of high school partying with some friends who weren’t so good at handling their liquor, I could handle puke just fine. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all program requirements are met. How about anyone else, what marks have you guys applied with, and how many hours?

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nursing program application form Proof of B. This hursing me because I love to shop and I love to spend money. The nursing and support courses for each semester are prerequisites for the coursework in the next semester.


ufv nursing essay questions

See the Fees and Other Costs section. Sign in with LinkedIn. Cant say i’m heartbroken to be leaving that place – but I am becoming incredibly nervous for school.

Sep 21, by Healthiswealthh. It’s kind of annoying me. Students will be rated based on the points achieved on the applicant rating form. Applicants queztions be interviewed will be notified. Sep 21, by Gillnoorek.

She taught me some medical lingo, and I had all possible questions and answers written out. But I have read something about an essay, just not sure which stage that takes place.

If applicants are considered for a second intake but not selected, they will be required to reapply and resubmit nugsing documents. So far the school hasnt supplied me with a list of equipment to buy, nor textbooks.

ufv nursing essay questions

Wednesday, 15 August August Applications are accepted on a continuous basis throughout the year. Essay the essay portion is done, they will discuss the program a little bit with you guys. Sign in with Facebook.

ufv nursing essay questions

Basis for admission decision LPN applicants Students will be rated based on the points achieved on the applicant rating form.