Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service , Cookie Policy , and Privacy Policy. Average household bill pre PAYG advancement and revenue re-profiling. Newsletter Sign up today for your daily news alert and weekly roundup. Prior to the start of each five-year period, companies submit their business plans which include their projected capital expenditure costs to enhance and maintain their network and operating costs to maintain or improve their services. By offering value for money, as well as the increased range of services, we have also been winning customers out of area. We will be hosting a webcast presentation for investors and analysts starting at We are in detailed dialogue with Ofwat to understand this difference and provide any further evidence required to support our submission.

However, we do recognise that our performance at that point will still need to improve further. Read more about our Vision and strategy. We have adopted the common performance commitments proposed by Ofwat and have developed a comprehensive set of bespoke commitments, reflecting the results of our customer research. United Utilities , resilience , AMP7 , ofwat. The company also expects to deliver a major water resilience scheme with estimated construction costs of over million pounds in AMP7 and AMP8 to be directly procured for customers in Manchester and the Pennines. We, along with these other nine companies, comprise the vast majority of the total water and wastewater sector, as depicted on the pie chart on the right.

This can demonstrate unusual or unexpected water consumption which can help identify leaks on their premises or changes in practices on-site. The privatisation of the industry over two decades ago has been widely perceived as a success, making a significant contribution to public health. Here is some help to get you started – How to enable Javascript.

We were granted a Scottish licence in Octoberfollowing a successful application. We are proposing a How the industry reacted After Ofwat published its initial assessments of water companies’ business plans busjnesswe look at the responses The North West of England continues to face a particularly tough economic businezs.


united utilities amp6 business plan

To date very few customers have switched supplier in England and Wales. Following review of these plans, Ofwat sets the prices each company can charge their customers across the period.

united utilities amp6 business plan

The webcast will be available on demand from Wednesday 5 September at the following link: For example, we offer flexible billing options, so customers can choose the frequency and timing of bills and inited also offer consolidated billing options for multi-site customers. The prices we charge our customers and therefore revenuesas well as our asset base, are linked to RPI inflation, so lower RPI will mean slightly lower growth akp6 these measures.

The highlights of the proposal include There are currently 10 licensed companies which provide both water and wastewater services to consumers in their respective regions. Site Essentials Site Map. Direct economic contributions from our activities include the purchase of goods and services and providing extensive employment.

Louise Beardmore, the company’s customer services director, said: Prior to the start of each five-year period, companies submit their business plans which include unitdd projected capital expenditure costs to enhance and maintain their network and operating costs to maintain or improve their services. Mogford, speaking after submitting the plans to Ofwat, said: Increases in customer numbers.

united utilities amp6 business plan

We are cutting bills such that they will be lower in real terms in than they were 15 years ago, whilst also delivering higher standards of service, increasing resilience, delivering innovation and investing for the long-term.

Water supply competition was opened up in Decemberwhen very large business customers those with an annual consumption of over 50 megalitres per year at each site were allowed to choose their water supplier. In addition, we offer and are continuing to develop a broad range of value-added uhilities for business customers.

UU plans ‘major water resilience scheme’ worth over £750M

Read more about our Vision and strategy. Our objective is to continue to provide our customers with high quality drinking water to meet all their daily needs and environmentally responsible wastewater collection and treatment at a price to customers that represents good value for money.


These include waste to energy consultancy, engineering advice on the design, build and operation of on-site treatment plants and advice on rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling.

Final proposed bill profile pplan Manchester and Pennines Resilience project.

UU plans ‘major water resilience scheme’ worth over £M – WWT

Newsletter Sign up today for your daily news alert and weekly roundup. We are committed to our long-term strategy to embrace Systems Thinking in how we run our services, as we believe this provides the right platform to deliver best quality service at the lowest sustainable cost. Gaynor Kenyon – Corporate Affairs Director. However, in order to support the financeability of our plan on a notional company basis, it has also been necessary to advance revenues by increasing PAYG above the “natural” rate by 1.

The proposal also include reduction of over 1 billion pounds in expenditure compared with AMP5, and bold strategy of innovation with further advancements in Systems Thinking capability.

United Utilities to give more detail on its plans for AMP7 |

We have designed a package of performance commitments, targets and incentives that covers all aspects of service and environmental performance that are important to customers and stakeholders and that incentivises innovation in our operations.

We have built headroom through AMP6 to put ourselves in the best position going into AMP7, and are putting forward the best business plan that gives us a good opportunity to deliver for our shareholders as well as our customers through continued performance improvements.

United Utilities Water Limited has today submitted its business plan covering the period. No other reproduction or distribution is permitted without prior written consent.