If students are submitting their nomination form through Delphi they must enter the name of their examiners, which will then be forwarded to their coordinating supervisor for completion of the examiner details. At this early stage, examiners should be provided with a copy of the thesis title, thesis abstract and the estimated date of examination. They must be able to testify that the thesis before them is: The number of required examiners can be found here. Graduate research co-ordinator must invite the preferred examiners and obtain their acceptances before lodging their names with the board for final appointment.

For PhDs requiring a viva voce: Your pheme account, library access and student email will be active for the examination and corrections period. Further information Examiners assessment criteria. Theses are sent for examination as soon as possible after the nominated examiners are approved. On receipt of all reports, the board decides on a classification. Submit all items to the Graduate Research School.

Nominating examiners : Graduate Research School : The University of Western Australia

It is important not to underestimate or overestimate an expected submission date as examiners often organise their schedules in anticipation of receiving a thesis at a particular time. If the examiners choose to video conference, they will be provided with instructions on how to use Zoom for video conferencing — they will not tuesis required to download any specific software to video conference with UWA. The survey results are available here: Submit all items to the Graduate Research School.

Examiners are asked to provide a written examiner six weeks from the date of receipt of a thesis, however may request additional time.


Kindly note that hardcopy forms will not be accepted and will be returned with advice to submit using Delphi.

Your thesis will be classified in one of the following ways: The survey results are available here:. Consult writing a report of thesis revisions for the board. Updated Thursday, 14 February, Independence Steps must be taken to ensure that examiners are free from htesis. Schools are asked to contact the appropriate examiners to determine their willingness to examine.

Eligibility For PhDs not requiring a viva voce: Relevance The list of examiners must be accompanied by a statement at least a paragraph which examinerx the relevance of each nominee to the particular field.

Updated Tuesday, 18 October, A proforma for the front pages of your thesis that includes these declarations is available here.

Submitting your thesis for examination

Oral examination consultation Prior to inclusion of the oral exam within the PhD rules, the GRS consulted widely about the proposed oral examination. Proposed viva voce process for PhD candidates UWA is still refining the details of the viva voce process. Step five All parties are notified in writing when a thesis is classified. My examiners were so supportive and I know I can connect with them in the future to share ideas or even collaborate.

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Your pheme account, library access and student email will remain active during this period. The Graduate Research School will cover the flight and accommodation costs of the examiners if they choose to participate in person economy flights and two htesis accommodation.

uwa phd thesis examiners

You can then make an appointment for you and your supervisors to speak to the Dean of the Graduate Research School or one of the Graduate Education Officers. Both of her examiners, Prof Karin Bryan from Waikato University and Prof Tom Baldock from the University of Queensland, were able to attend the oral exam and also took part in a number of additional activities whilst on campus. Step 2 Contact examiners to secure their agreement to examine, understanding that they will be formally invited to examine the thesis, subject to the approval of the Board of the Graduate Research School.


Eligibility For PhDs not requiring a viva voce: Confidentiality Examiners need an indication whether the thesis will contain confidential information. Follow the submission of final version procedure.

Nominating examiners

It is likely that this will require some viva voce exams to take place outside of normal working hours. If you do not currently have access to your student email please contact pgexam-grso uwa. If you are enrolled in more than one school, you must have the signatures of your coordinating supervisor and graduate research coordinator thesus each school. What happens if a student is very nervous during the viva voce?

Nomination of international examiners is not mandatory but it is desirable. Updated Thursday, 30 March, 9: Currently the viva voce is not recorded and there are no plans to record them in the thessis. The Delphi user manual can be found here.