Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. The information you get can be on several pages throughout the section. We explain and give tips on how to understand and analyze graphs, charts and data presented by interviewer to candidates in case interviews. Don’t have an account yet? The news are not all good, however. This steps should make sure you succeed in your BCG test. I did see on your archives various tips concerning the PSTs, I practiced multiple tests and GRE-type questions, but when it came to the actual test, my performance was not as good.

Chances are that you will have other questions that your time will be better spent with. How to properly use issue trees to analyze problems and derive solutions? Now that you know your raw, unprepared level, you can get some knowledge about proper test solution techniques. Reverse engineering is especially powerful when coupled with doing rough estimations first in this example, it would have shown you very quickly that 3 is indeed smaller than 2. However the design of those tests can differ a lot. Hi Moji, it seems your issue is not the math computation, but rather how to structure the math part once you receive a question that is, the logic behind that you should apply.

This is compared to cjeng. If you do not get information prior to the test, make that little extra effort to call or email the recruiting department and ask them if there is any additional information available.


I recently was invited to interview at McKinsey and [ tesg of Bain ] in the [ Mediterranean city ] offices.

In Interviewer-led cases the main challenge is to adapt quickly. On the other hand three out of the four answers end with a 5 — knowing that 5 would indeed be smaller than 4 would be answer changing: You may also like Your client, REA, is a reinsurance company.

Be prepared for geometry and hard math problems from GMATmckinesy nothing fancier.

McKinsey Problem Solving Test –

In some BCG offices, If you pass your test successfully, you are required to take a written case. Sarah, thank you for asking that question. Check out our Privacy Policy below for details on how we protect and manage your submitted data.

victor cheng mckinsey problem solving test

A general rule of thumb is that if you cannot figure out how to solve the question within the first 30 seconds, there will probably be other questions you should be solving first. The OW test has not been updated for ages. McKinsey Value Chain case math Math problem.

Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. Do you know why they place such an importance on the PSTs and not give a candidate the chance to prove himself in actual interviews? You cannot appreciate the complexity of the test until you take one.

Common Terms of Business. This is actually something you will be proble at the beginning of your consulting career as well. How else can I improve my chance in future PSTs? That way you do not have to re-think in case you want to revisit the question. Since I have another interview lined up, I want to be the best prepared. Any content sent to CaseInterview.


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While batch processing gives you a very small time advantage it also bears a very high risk of error or even worse: Chances are that you will have other questions that your time will be better spent with.

Interviewer-Led vs Candidate-Led cases.

victor cheng mckinsey problem solving test

Send a message to user. Marking numbers and information you need in the text helps you quickly rediscover the ttest. I want to be notified about updates regarding this question via email. Sort by Upvotes Date ascending Date descending. For the computation-oriented problems, you can use my www. Thank you again for all your guidance.

Guide to gaining speed in PST-style tests

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