Ko, Suh Youn Effect of Netrin-1 on the mature enteric nervous system and colorectal cancer. Clark, Sally Ann The effects of oestradiol administration on energy metabolism during prolonged exercise in amenorrheic athletes. Fogarty, Sarah Understanding and treating eating disorders from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective. Frazer, Ashlyn K Physiological studies investigating the effect of homeostatic plasticity of the motor cortex on the expression of muscle strength. Natoli, Riccardo Indicators of economic and social progress:

Muldoon, Shane Douglas Excellent Managers: Medved, Ivan The effects of N-acetylcysteine infusion on performance, glutathione and ion regulation during voluntary exercise in humans. Hamilton, Luke The effect of high-velocity, low-amplitude manipulation on suboccipital tenderness. Flaherty, Kelly Job satisfaction and occupational stress in experienced osteopaths. Hawking, Paul Factors critical to the success of business intelligence systems. Barnard, Simone Sole parents and transition back to the workforce:

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Business Requirements and User Perceptions. An Anatomy of Troublemaking.

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Fu, Lulu Effects of kiwi-fruit seaweed extract on the metabolism of female reproductive hormones. Mitic, Dragana Health and work: Foster, Duncan Music and community development: Carroll, Jillian Intellectual collegiality and leadership in thesix neoliberal reflexive university. Software-Defined-Networking SDN simplifies the configuration complexity in the computer communication network by decoupling the control plane from the data plane in a switch.


Jago, Leo Kenneth The performance of accommodation cooperatives in Australia. Berger, Karen Performing belonging: Mak, Christine Suet Yee Evaluation of health programs: Bole HeArchitecture Mansour, Gerard Child care in the retail industry in Victoria. Kolasani, Archana Impact of minerals in Chinese medicinal herbs and decoctions on kidney function.

Archie, Hayley Claire The effect of thsis on the inter-examiner and intra-examiner reliability of static palpation for assessing pelvic landmarks. Motahhir, Sameen Negotiating a Hybrid Identity: Chan, Chi Chuen The clinical and social construction of pathological gamblers in Macau.

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Havrila, Inka Irena Patterns and determinants of Australia’s international trade in textiles and clothing. Guo, Yan Developing the information industry in China: Allen, Delia Frances This town, last town, next town: Boyd, Ross Influence of osteopathic palpatory examination on sympathetic nervous system function: Keating, Maree Learning from retrenchment: Bogdanov, Valentin Kanchev Energy exchange processes in erbium-doped fluoride glasses.


Halstead-Lyons, Susan Planning and agriculture: Choudhury, Abhijit Roy Damage detection in structures using measured frequency response function data.

PhD thesis, Deakin University. McIntosh, Dennis Declining into silence: Corbett, Brad The effectiveness of swiss ball training on balance in older adults.

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Huang, Hsun-I An empirical analysis of the strategic management of competitive advantage: Boyd, Luke A new way of using accelerometers in Australian rules football: Farvis, Marie Joan The provision of a culturally sensitive home-like environment in residential aged care: Deans, Cecil Nurses’ responses to tehsis aggression. Munro, Angela A stakeholder approach to ecologically sustainable tourism: McColl, Jess Intending community: Maquignaz, Laura Strategy formulation in community organisations.

Bandara, Nayana Identifying and characterising ethanol tolerance genes of brewing yeast. Foo, Yin Fah A cross-cultural study of accounting concepts applied in international financial reporting standards.