Is it a coincidence that torture has remained so popular in this country amidst such an impoverished public discourse? All claimed the same need to stop the ticking bomb. In theory, the jurisprudence on war crime should provide the relevant legal authority. When you kill in the midst of war, its either you or them. Point taken regarding your last post. One size fits all argument.

To give up on an ethical code altogether may be quite difficult, in fact. These men are savages, of the same ilk who commit the WORST kind of atrocities against those who have no means of defending themselves. The lesson we were taught in SERE School is that torture is primarily a method used to control a prisoner through punishment and humiliation. You’re entitled to stab a man on self-defense grounds if you see him break into your house and try to strangle your daughter. I meant to sound tendentious. But we are fighting against men who use brutal tactics.

waterboarding persuasive essay

Far better for us to turn to an ethical codeie, a decision procedure to convert our moral beliefs into action. Meanwhile, social psychologists have shown that pressuring people to change their minds often produces precisely the opposite of the desired effect: Pain and death waterboadding not explain why torture feels so evil.

Evans, America does not torture. With regards to the waterboard, I want to set the record straight so the apologists can finally embrace the fact essya they condone and encourage torture.

But racism is not wrong because it offends my sensibilities.

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After World War 2, Japanese waterboard team members were tried for war crimes. CIA has owned up to these mistakes, learned from them and taken numerous corrective actions over the years.

I will leave you to shake your heads and wag your fingers.


Typical Republian nonsense, and anything I say is obviously just a waste of time. Seeking legal protection strips the entire exercise and justification of its moral profundity.

Torture by another name: CIA used ‘water dousing’ on at least 12 detainees | Law | The Guardian

The case of individual, waterbosrding sponsored TBS is not as clear-cut. This is the only subtle point of this essay, so I’ll begin with a gentle introduction. You must realize that we are not dealing with a conventional enemy, whose only desire is to do immediate harm to other soldiers on the field of battle.

waterboarding persuasive essay

It would seem wise to grant judges enough sentencing discretion to keep would-be torturers in the dark and induce persjasive to proceed on worst-case assumptions. So why can’t you do the same if he refuses to divulge her location after he’s kidnapped her and buried her alive with 20 minutes left to live?

With that, I think I will bow out of this debate for a little while, and let the rest of you sort it out.

Stress techniques are specifically designed to weaken the strongest man and break him.

Torture by another name: CIA used ‘water dousing’ on at least 12 detainees

Think about why we are even having this debate in the first place: The treatment was similar enough to water boarding that for another detainee, Mohamed Ahmed Ben Soud, also known as Mohammed Shoroeiya, it was performed on a water board. McCain on Rudy on Torture. Pain, like relativity, distorts time. Wrong is wrong, no matter how pure your motive, no matter how right your cause, the end does not justify the means.


The proven concept is that an enemy combatant who can expect humane treatment from his captors is much less likely to fight to the death than someone who believes he will suffer a fate worse than death if captured. I will show that there is no room for exceptions by revisiting the three arguments central to the issue: It has no justification outside of its limited role as a training demonstrator.


Waterboarding is Torture Period (Links Updated # 9) | Small Wars Journal

Pleasing though it may be, this simple answer won’t do. Is it a coincidence that torture has remained so popular in this country amidst such an impoverished public discourse? As Forrest Gump might say, “evil is as waterboarrding does”. Yet, while boasting the world’s highest incarceration numbers and supermax prisons characterized by a warden as a “clean version of hell,” the US has also begun to question its tolerance of torture. Evans, with the help of people like you, the current American administration is turning us into them.

waterboarding persuasive essay

To think our stance on torture will influence Al Queda who holds us in utter contempt or possibly China in the future who also believes we are soft and ready to be challanged economically or militarily in the next 20 years is naive and pridefully assumes our same cultural morals on civilizations that are very different from us. I do, however, very much want to hear from those that have both.

I agree with the author. I am proud of my actions, eessay those of my team, fssay those actions.