Students must have a Bus Pass signed by the teacher with whom they stayed with after school to board the bus. We audition for this group at the end of the previous school year. Bus drills are conducted three times during the school year. The use of hands-on activities, calculators and computers add variety and enjoyment to the mathematics classroom. Overnight loan for materials from the Reference collection. Leadership is an elective designed to help develop leadership skills through direct participation in the planning and implementation of a variety of student and staff activities. Students will put these skills to use solving real world problems faced by people with Cerebral Palsy CP.

Among the many things this course will cover, it explores of the following: West Genesee Middle School is not responsible for items that are not locked. If a student is a member of both chorus and band or orchestra, they attend their instrumental lesson. Lost items must be paid for by the student. Glass bottle are prohibited. Inquiries regarding this nondiscrimination policy and the grievance procedures may be directed to:.

Additionally, 8th graders take the California Science Test.

They become more proficient in using ratios, proportions and solving algebraic equations. All of these content areas are covered in Spanish HE. There will be numerous opportunities for students to perform throughout the year.

The Accelerated math 6 course combines all content from Math 6, Math 7 and part of Math 8 into a single year at 6th grade. In the process of lighting a smoking material D.


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Students explore the elements of society and culture and the conflicts which have influenced the development of mankind and the first societies. Students, in this year-long class, use VEX robotics materials to build their robots. Report directly to the cafeteria from your previous class. It is the responsibility of each student to clean-up after themselves. Various research and study skills are reinforced throughout the program and align to the newly-adopted state instructional framework for social studies.

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Sometimes it is necessary for a student to ride a bus other than their usual bus home from school. The school nurse will dispense and monitor all student medications and the following procedures must be followed:.

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Music lessons are arranged according to a rotating schedule so that no pupil misses the same class each week. Punishable Offenses The following is a list of punishable offenses as defined by law or by West Genesee Middle School regulations. This list is not intended to be restrictive or all-inclusive. Emphasis is placed on the development omline skills of speaking and aural comprehension, with special attention paid to pronunciation and intonation.

The school cannot be held responsible for their loss or damage.

The class text is Discovering Our Past: It is an attempt to modify behaviors from unacceptable to acceptable levels. If a student loses a textbook, and after a reasonable amount of time it is not found, the student will be required to pay for its replacement. In addition, volunteers are needed to help with the WGMS hvordan skriver man et essay pa engelsk Day homewlrk, Cat Night, school dances, the school fundraiser, Field Day, and much more.


Some of the areas explored include hand drawn and computer aided design of two- and three-dimensional media.

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Click here to learn more. Effective Septemberall children entering 6th grade will be required to show proof of hokework a Tdap vaccine booster.

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ELA 7 is balanced and comprehensive. In addition, all teachers have the support of 1 or more Instructional Associates Paraeducators. Only students who attend WGMS may attend the dance.

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Missing or Lost Materials a. This is for the safety and well-being of our students. Homework center is staffed daily by a teacher.

Comments -1 Parent Dy Emnnouncements Click on the link to sign up for the dy emnnouncements. Band, Orchestra and Chorus students receive one lesson per week. During Homework center, students are able to complete homework, work as an individual or group, use library resources, check out books, use computers and printers.

Unless these immunizations are complete, school authorities have an obligation to exclude those children from school.